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On Sunday, tens of millions Americans tuned in to watch Tom Brady and the Tampa Bucs annihilate Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

Usually, the Duggar clan opts out of secular celebrations, especially ones that involve such sinful activities as drinking, gambling, and listening to the Weeknd croon about boning Bella Hadid.

But this year’s Super Bowl had enough of the things that turn Jim Bob’s crank — patriotism, masculinity, an old guy who’s obsessed with rings and refuses to step aside and let the twenty-somethings do their thing — that he allowed his kids to watch it in his home.

Anna and Josh Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Yes, Anna Duggar posted some pics of the occasion, and they confirmed two things:

1. The Duggars refuse to wear masks or take the pandemic seriously, which is further proof that they’re not big on the parts of Christianity that require them to actually give a sh-t about other people.

2. Jana Duggar’s rumored girfriend, Laura DeMasie, is no longer banned from all Duggar family gatherings.

Laura DeMasie, Jana Pic

If you’ve been following this family closely for a long time, then you already know the story:

Perennially-single eldest daughter Jana had been besties with Laura for several years.

At one point, the women were so close that Laura was even given a bedroom in the Duggars’ house.

Laura DeMasie, Jana Duggar Photo

Then, something unexpected happened:

Laura moved to Georgia to take a job with a design firm.

The official story that was offered to fans was that Laura was offered her dream job with a design firm in Atlanta.

Laura De Masie
Photo via Instagram

But because of all the rumors surrounding the nature of Laura’s relationship with Jana, fans jumped to the conclusion that DeMasie had been sent away by Jim Bob in order to avoid a scandal.

(Same-sex relationships, of course, are strictly forbidden in the fertility cult that Jim Bob calls a religion.)

Whatever the case, Laura is back these days.

Laura DeMasie at Jim Bob's House
Photo via Instagram

Anna posted a pic of the prodigal daughter with a caption reading:

"Laura recruited Mason to help cheer for the Bucs! Enjoying the game."

Judging by the comments, fans were baffled by the pic for a number of different reasons.

"Thought they didn’t watch tv?" one fan asked, in reference to the Duggars’ ban on secular entertainment.

"But you’re so close to KCMO, why the Bucs!?" another inquired, clearly referring to the family’s blatant bandwagon-jumping.

"Is Laura back living in Arkansas?" a third asked, finally getting at the heart of the matter.

Interestingly, Anna posted pics of a cat watching the game, and she posted one pic of her son hanging out with Laura — that’s it.

If Laura was in Jim Bob’s "big house," you can bet that Jana was there too, but like the rest of the family, she didn’t make it onto Anna’s Instagram page.

Is that just because the Duggars are tired of taking so much flak for refusing to wear masks?

Or is there something else going on here?

We’re not sure, but like the rest of the clan, Anna has been much quieter than usual on social media in recent weeks.

Something tells us those Duggars are up to something …