Katie Rees is a former Miss Nevada. She got in hot water by, well, getting naked and kissing lots of women at a party. We think she...

Katie Rees, Former Miss Nevada USA, Arrested on Drug Charges ... Again!

Katie Rees: Arrested For Meth ... AGAIN!

Things aren't looking so pretty for former Miss Nevada USA, Katie Rees.

In 2006, she was forced to hand over her crown to the runner-up after a nude photo scandal. Amazingly, things only got worse from there.

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Katie Rees Cries Foul Over Carrie Prejean Double Standard

Remember Katie Rees?

The former Miss Nevada 2007 was stripped of her crown when a series of racy photos of her were leaked soon after the coronation. Now, following the announcement that Carrie Prejean won't receive the same punishment after her set of topless pics were released, Rees is speaking out. She told E! News the development is a "huge double standard.""Semi-nude photos are semi-nude photos," Rees said, comparing the topless lingerie pics of Prejean with her own images (linked to above).

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Katie Rees Avoids Jail, Clothing

Katie Rees, the dethroned Nevada beauty queen, won't have to worry about dropping the soap in any prison showers in the future: she's pleaded no contest to a list of traffic violations in exchange for no jail time.

The police busted Rees after she allegedly assaulted an officer in Las Vegas on February 6. She admitted to speeding, operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance and driving with an expired registration, a suspended license and suspended registration.

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Katie Rees Parties Away Assault Charges

Arrest? What arrest for assaulting a police officer?

Katie Rees has put the past behind her (nude photos, stripped Miss Nevada crown, the aforementioned recent arrest) and decided to dance, dance, dance her problems away! Good for her!

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Katie Rees: Arrested!

Katie Rees: Arrested!

Katie Rees found a new way to use her body last night.

The former Miss Nevada was arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly assaulting a police officer, TMZ reports.

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Not Nude: Katie Rees Wears Bikini at Birthday Party

File this among The Most Disappointing Happenings in Hollywood, right along with those supposedly naked Amy Polumbo photos.

We should've known that we couldn't have counted on that beauty queen to bare it all, but what's Katie Rees thinking in the accompanying pictures from her 23rd birthday party over the weekend? It was held at a topless pool!

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Katie Rees: I Got F*%ked!

In a manner of speaking, of course.

Katie Rees, the dethroned and humiliated Miss Nevada, believes she got the shaft (har har) in being stripped of her state beauty queen title.

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New Katie Rees Photo Surfaces

We have two questions:

By now, everyone is aware that Katie Rees was stripped of her crown as Miss Nevada for stripping off her clothes at Fletcher's Backstreet Grill in Tampa a few years ago.

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Katie Rees is a former Miss Nevada. She got in hot water by, well, getting naked and kissing lots of women at a party. We think she... More »
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