Carole Baskin: Mystery Letter Claims Missing Husband is Buried Under Her House

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It has been over a year since the absolute madness of Tiger King first entered our lives.

Since then, Jeff Lowe has repeatedly insisted that Carole Baskin killed her husband decades ago.

Now, it appears that someone else is making the same claim.

Is Carole's missing husband now buried beneath her house?

Carole Baskin Snapshot

Jeff Lowe claims to have received an unnerving and unsettling letter.

The letter, addressed only to the zoo without a name or return address, is anonymous.

The sender claims to know the location of Carole Baskin's missing ex-husband.

Carole Baskin at Home

"The corpse lies under Her House," the message writes ominously.

It is signed only as "The Faithful Witness."

Under almost any other circumstances, this would look like viral marketing for some awful new The Conjuring spinoff.

Carole Baskin on ABC

Jeff Lowe shared this with TMZ, sharing that the letter was sent to his Tiger King Park in Oklahoma.

It was sent to him in May of 2020.

The only thing that they know about this "Faithful Witness" was that the letter was postmarked in Providence, Rhode Island.

Carole Baskin And a Tiger

Jeff and his wife, Lauren, documented their opening of the letter one year ago.

The envelope contained just a single sheet of paper.

They apparently communicated with a federal agent about the mysterious letter.

Carole Baskin for DWTS

According to Lauren, she also shared the information with law enforcement in Hillsborough County, Florida.

That, of course, is where Don Lewis went missing in 1997.

Like the rest of us, Jeff can only speculate over the precise allegations contained within the letter.

Carole Baskin

However, when it comes to speculation, the implied meaning of the foreboding letter seems obvious.

This unknown person believes that Don's body is buried beneath Carole's Big Cat Rescue property, which is in Tampa.

Presumably, the letter's author believes that a body is buried directly beneath a house or similar building that she owns.

Carole Baskin on the Show Tiger King

You know what's weirder?

Lauren says that Hillsborough County authorities made a request for the letter in May of 2020.

Jeff, however, refused ... because Tiger King 2 producers apparently advised him to hold onto it.

Carole Baskin Image

Now, filming has wrapped.

So now they are finally, finally sending the letter to Hillsborough County authorities.

Allegedly, police are planning to test it for both DNA and for fingerprints to identify the sender.

Carole Baskin on YouTube

We say "allegedly" because at present, the Sheriff's Office is unwilling to talk about evidence.

Right, that's more of the job of documentary personalities who got their first dose of fame last year and want more.

Amazing to think that someone would withhold possible evidence for an entire year just to film a Netflix documentary sequel.

Carole Baskin Pic

Interestingly, the letter coincides with a popular conspiracy theory that claims that Don is buried somewhere on Carole's property.

In fact, there is one theory that specifically claims taht he is dead and buried beneath Carole's septic tank system.

In August of 2020, Carole took to the internet in an effort to debunk the claim.

Carole Baskin, Husband

Carole's current husband, Howard, is overtly dismissive of the letter that Jeff claims to have received.

"This is just another stupid stunt by Lowe to deflect from his own legal troubles," he tells TMZ.

He then adds: "Only a moron would think that an anonymous letter has any value."

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