Chelsea Houska: Please Don't Look at My Racist Social Media Posts!

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Chelsea Houska is definitely a Teen Mom favorite.

So many people who watch the show love her, probably because she's one of the very, very few Teen Mom cast members who has never been in any kind of scandal.

Or, well, that used to be true.

Unfortunately, we're learning that in the past, Chelsea has made some pretty offensive comments on social media.

And while she's trying to hide that now, the internet never forgets ...

1. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
If Chelsea was your fave ... well, sorry 'bout it.

2. Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean
Chelsea has always been so popular with Teen Mom fans because unlike so many of the other moms, she always seemed to easy to root for.

3. A Real Role Model

A Real Role Model
She never lost custody of her children, she never assaulted anyone -- on the show, we see her happy and stable, and really the only bad times she's ever had have been because of abusive monster Adam Lind.

4. Serving a Purpose

Serving a Purpose
These days, she tends to serve as sort of a palate cleanser between all the drama and sadness that's usually the focus with the other cast members.

5. Living the Dream

Living the Dream
After all, she's got an adorable husband, three precious children, a supportive family -- it's nice to see, right?

6. Here We Go

Here We Go
But now it's starting to look like Chelsea's reputation may be taking a major, major hit.

7. Checking Up

Checking Up
So as you may have noticed, several people have been losing their jobs recently because of racist social media comments.

8. Bye, Stassi

Bye, Stassi
It's been happening to all sorts of people in all sorts of professions, and it's even been happening with celebrities -- you may have heard about Stassi Schroeder being fired from Vanderpump Rules for some seriously horrible racist statements and actions, for example.

9. Hitting Closer to Home

Hitting Closer to Home
To pull from the Teen Mom universe, Taylor Selfridge, girlfriend of Cory Wharton, has been fired from Teen Mom OG for some tweets she made several years ago.

10. Not Having It

Not Having It
MTV is apparently taking this so seriously that they've started checking all the cast members' social media accounts for any similarly offensive content.

11. Wow

According to a report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, "The cast members were informed that they have to fill out a complete background check."

12. Consequences

"They were told if they don’t complete the background check, or refuse, they may not be allowed to appear on the [next] season of the show."

13. Not Happy

Not Happy
The report claimed that "Some cast members were freaking out," and they were "saying it’s unfair to subject them to such intense scrutiny, after being with the show for 10 years."

14. Not Fair?

Not Fair?
Another issue they reportedly took with this move is that the network "would not tell the cast what the company is looking for ... or what happens if something that’s ‘problematic’ is found during the search."

15. Who's in Trouble?

Who's in Trouble?
Those of us who have been following thee people already know good and well that there are plenty of problematic things to be found, like that video of Tyler Baltierra saying the N-word in a Snapchat video a couple of years ago.

16. Getting Nervous

Getting Nervous
Kailyn seems to be especially nervous about this, since she's already deleted her entire Twitter account.

17. Oh Girl ...

Oh Girl ...
And people were already mad at her because of a recently resurfaced Teen Mom 2 clip in which scolded Jo for getting Isaac's haircut in a way that she said made him look "like a thug."

18. Ugh

She'd also tweeted an "all lives matter" message a few years ago when Black Lives Matter first started gaining momentum.

19. More Taylor Trouble

More Taylor Trouble
We've also seen some pretty disgusting tweets from Taylor McKinney, Maci's husband -- he's made transphobic comments, homophobic comments, body-shaming comments, and he's even said really awful things about single mothers, which is surprising since, you know, he's Maci's husband.

20. So Disappointing

So Disappointing
There are other examples of other cast members making questionable (at best) comments, but we were especially shocked to see something from Chelsea.

21. Um ...

Um ...
Here's a screenshot of an older Instagram post of hers featuring her friend Laura, who she sometimes refers to as "ling ling."

22. Oh No

Oh No
We know this because here's another post with Laura that she captioned "Lingling you forgot your bling bling."

23. What Taste

What Taste
That's a quote from that old Rob Schneider movie, The Hot Chick, said by a very stereotypical Asian character. A lot of people find the character very offensive.

24. Hmmm

But Chelsea just seems to think it's a cool nickname.

25. Making Changes

Making Changes
Or she did, anyway -- she's recently made some changes to these posts.

26. Edits!

In the post where she wrote "Love my ling ling" then tagged her friend, she removed the "ling ling" part altogether.

27. Good Call

Good Call
And she just deleted the other post completely, which was probably for the best.

28. Something to Consider

Something to Consider
But did she do all that because she knew all along that what she was saying was offensive, or did someone from MTV call her up to say "hey, this sucks, do better"?

29. Who Knows?

Who Knows?
The only way we'll know that is if Chelsea addresses it, which seems unlikely.

30. Facts

And either way, we sincerely doubt MTV would fire her.

31. Scary

It does make you wonder ... what are we going to see next from the Teen Mom cast?!

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