We've Found the Ugliest Passport Photo Ever Taken

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Almost no one likes his or her passport photo.

Almost everyone thinks this image is especially ugly or, at the very least, unflattering.

But we can't really say anything negative ever again about our portraits, not after Chelsey Ramos applied for a passport because she was planning a trip to Germany with her boyfriend....

... and, as you're about to discover below, she was then sent the most skewed picture in the history of these important documents.

1. She's Cute, Right?

She's Cute, Right?
We're not trying to be judgmental in any way, shape or form. We're just saying: This isn't the face of someone you'd expect to go viral for having an ugly photo.

2. This Was Chelsey's Original Passport Photo

This Was Chelsey's Original Passport Photo
Again... pretty, right? Normal? Nothing to get passed around the Internet or anything.

3. And This Was the Version She Got Send in the Mail

And This Was the Version She Got Send in the Mail
It looks a bit different, doesn't it? Also: YIKES!!!!!!

4. A Side-By-Side Comparison

A Side-By-Side Comparison
Shared by Chelsey's boyfriend on Reddit for all to enjoy.

5. Reddit Reacts

Reddit Reacts
Because how could it not, right?

6. And Reacts Some More

And Reacts Some More
It was all in good fun. Chelsey says she gave her boyfriend permission to share the snapshot.

7. A Viral Sensation

A Viral Sensation
The story has been picked up all across the vast Internet.

8. This Was Her Boyfriend's Photo

This Was Her Boyfriend's Photo
Not much better, is it?

9. All Was Well That Ended Well

All Was Well That Ended Well
Ramos (pictured above, with her normal foreheard) told Travel + Leisure she has a soft spot for the unusual photo: “I would have loved to keep this passport but decided to send it back because I don't want to run into any issues at the airport. The state department was super helpful though and are swapping it out for free."

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