Trump My Hand: Find Out If Your Paws Measure Up to the Donald's!

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Of all the incredibly random stories that have popped up during this interminable election season, the "Trump My Hand" trend has gotta be ... well, it's not the strangest, but it's pretty damn weird.

It all started during the GOP primary debates, back when the field still consisted of roughly 47,000 candidates.

In response to a joke that "Little" Marco Rubio made on the campaign trail about his allegedly tiny hands, Trump assured the world that not only does he have the manliest manos, he's also rocking a massive dong.

Needless to say, it was a moment that can only be described using the Donald's favorite word - classy.

At the time, no one could've predicted that several months later Trump would be the GOP's candidate - or that his hands would still be on everyone's mind.

Enter the Trump My Hand challenge, which allows you to find out once and for all if you measure up to the world's most talked about set of yuuuuuuuge paws.

Was all this talk of miniature meathooks just a vicious rumor meant to shatter the presidential candidate's fragile masculinity, or did Trump kick that baby out of his rally because he was afraid the kid might have bigger mitts?

Find out here, and check out some of the best Trump hand comparisons on social media in the gallery below.

After that, we recommend you take some time to reflect on what a random-ass world we live in.

1. Trump Hands

Trump Hands
Donald Trump has hands. But are they huuuuuuge like the real estate mogul's ego? Now you can find out.

2. Trump vs. Chihuahua

Trump vs. Chihuahua
One Twitter user decided to pit her chihuahua against Trump. The little guy came surprisingly close to winning. No wonder the Donald's not big on Mexican!

3. Call Me, Melania

Call Me, Melania
This Twitter user captioned his pic, "Melania I am assuming you still have my cell number." Usually Trump is the one doling out the burns!

4. Trump Turkeys

Trump Turkeys
Some folks had fun with the challenge. Hey, at least SOMETHING about this election season can be enjoyable, right?

5. Trump vs. Cat

Trump vs. Cat
Sorry, kitty, it looks like Trump wins this round. Six toes, though! Ya don't see that every day.

6. Trump vs. Pup: Round II

Trump vs. Pup: Round II
"My dog almost has bigger paws than Donald Trump," this user tweeted. You know man's getting close to adding a dog ban to his platform.

7. Teenage Trump!

Teenage Trump!
Thie user captioned a pic of her daughter's hand with, "She just turned 14." We think that says it all.

8. Trumped!

This user captioned his pic, "I'm 5'8" in shoes. My hand is bigger than Trump's. I'm sure I'm bigger in other places, too." Somewhere, the Donald is composing a scathing tweet about how Twitter is full of losers.

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