Trina McGee: Boy Meets World Alum Accuses Stars of Racist Bullying

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Those of us who grew up watching the show occassionally wonder where the cast of Boy Meets World is now.

So many Millennials have fond memories of the series.

But not every member of the cast feels the same way.

Trina McGee played Angela Moore, who was Topanga's BFF and the primary love interest of Shawn Hunter.

Recently, she took to Twitter to reveal that three of the most famous stars from the show treated her like garbage.

This wasn't an on-set feud. She explains that she was the subject of racist name-calling and bullying for being a black woman.

The culprits? She does all but name them: Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, and Will Friedle.

This is a heartbreaking but important read.

1. Boy Meets World has a lot of fans

Boy Meets World has a lot of fans
The show taught people a lot about relationships, growing up, friendships, maturity, and even gave the occassional fourth wall peek behind the scenes.

2. The show even got a spinoff

The show even got a spinoff
Rowan Blanchard starred on Girl Meets World, and she is known as an actress for her passionate views on important social justice issues. But new accusations from a former BMW star say that the actors who played her parents (and her TV dad's older brother) were quite the opposite.

3. Remember Angela Moore?

Remember Angela Moore?
Trina McGee played Angela on dozens of episodes on Boy Meets World. She played the best friend of Topanga.

4. She was the primary love interest of Shawn

She was the primary love interest of Shawn
Shawn Hunter, played by Rider Strong, was something of a womanizer and an all-around disaster despite being very bright. Shawn and Angela were relationship GOALS for countless viewers.

5. Trina has some things to share

Trina has some things to share
After decades of silence, Trina McGee took to Twitter earlier this year to share some pain that she has been carrying since the show was filming.

6. Here is how it began

Here is how it began
"Called aunt Jemima on set during hair and make up," Gina recalled on Twitter. "Called a bitter bitch when I quietly waited for my scene to finish rehearsing that was being f’ed up over and over due to episode featuring my character. Told ' it was nice of you to join us' like a stranger after 60 episodes."

7. It's time to speak out

It's time to speak out
On its own, the part about being made fun of for religious beliefs could be chalked up to thoughtless young actors and people being insensitive jerks. Combined with everything else, though, it sounds more like she was already disliked and the stars used any excuse to ridicule her.

8. Trina did not need that

Trina did not need that
She was a working mom at the time, but had to show up to set to face what she describes as racial abuse. Let's be clear, "Aunt Jemima" is absolutely a racial attack.

9. Was Rider part of it?

Was Rider part of it?
More than once, Trina clarifies that Rider Strong, who played her love interest, Shawn Hunter, was not one of the culprits.

10. So, to clarify

So, to clarify
Yes, she confirms that this is about her most famous role, on Boy Meets World. Yes, this was the main cast. No, not Rider, which is a small consolation.

11. As for Will Friedle

As for Will Friedle
She seems to dodge the question about Will, who has followed up his Boy Meets World role with a considerable voice acting career -- notably, if a show wants a bunch of viewers to be horny for an animated dude, they cast Will. Works every time. It's unclear if Trina is saying that Will was not one of the bigger perpetrators here or that they eventually made peace, or simply avoiding the question and saying that the harassment ended with the show.

12. What about the more overt racism?

What about the more overt racism?
Apparently she told the perpetrators how she felt, only to get an absurd counterargument. This comparison is patently nonsensical. One of these name-calling examples is racist. The other could only be a micro-aggression agains the Hulk.

13. She's faced decades of exclusion

She's faced decades of exclusion
Despite being a major character across countless episodes, Angela seems forgotten by fans at time. Part of that could be their own subconscious racism (it can happen to anyone liviing in a white supremacist culture, as we all do), but part of that, she says, is a deliberate exclusion.

14. It hurts

It hurts
Trina is quick to acknowledge that there were good times and times that were just fine, just as she emphasizes that the crew was always wonderful to her.

15. She's biding her time

She's biding her time
Just as she waited twenty years or so before speaking out (and it took a few months for her tweets to make the rounds, which is why we're talking about them now), Trina is willing to wait a little longer before calling out her harassers by name.

16. Somebody snitch-tagged

Somebody snitch-tagged
Hey, if someone is tweeting about a famous person, do not EVER tag the subject of their tweet in the tag. This is basic etiquette. Don't be a snitch-tagger. Trina doesn't expect a response, however.

17. She's not the only one who is angry

She's not the only one who is angry
A reply described an incident with Ben Savage acting like a fool during a helicopter ride around this time, and Trina was not surprised.

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