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Without any doubt, Tiger Woods’ career comeback and epic victory at the 2019 Masters will go down as the stuff of legend.

Almost as much so as his scandalous fall from grace nearly a decade ago, when he wrecked his car after Thanksgiving.

Turns out that the golf great had a lot of mistresses. We’re talking about a LOT of mistresses. And a lot more after that.

He’s turned over a new leaf now and we give him all the credit in the world for that. Erica Herman is a bona fide cutie too.

More than we can say for some of the mistresses. Remember then? Some of them were kinda hot, but others just meh.

Kind of a surprising mix for a star of Woods’ caliber to be honest, especially considering he was married to Elin Nordegren.

Guess when you’re just looking to get it in anytime you have a night free, your standards drop? We may never truly know.

But hey, dude is the GOAT. Who are we to judge? Okay, fine, let’s break down his seXXXy side pieces for old times’ sake …