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Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters on Sunday.

It was the golf star’s fifth-ever Green Jacket, but his first Major Tournament title since 2008, as he’s overcome an abundance of injuries over the past several years and has seemingly stopped sleeping with every cocktail waitress that looks in his direction.

The guy is newly healthy and focused.

Erica Herman and Tiger Woods
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And he’s also off the market.

Woods, who stuck his driver in so many random fairways over the years (if you know what we mean) has been exclusively dating someone named Erica Herman since 2017.

The relationship has flown mostly under the radar while the sports world hones in on Tiger’s incredible comeback on the links, but it took front and center stage on Sunday afternoon.

After Woods tapped in his winning putt, he celebrated with his iconic fist bump, fought back a bunch of tears and then ran over to hug his son, daughter and mother.

And then Herman, of course.

Erica Herman
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She was decked out in a red shirt that matched her boyfriend’s, along with a floppy black hat and rather short shorts.

Because she was featured so prominently at the conclusion of the most exciting golf tournament in maybe a decade, Herman is suddenly all over the news.

She’s trending on social media and even celebrity gossip followers who don’t know a three-wood from a sandwedge are stopping to ask:


Tiger Has Won
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Well… she got to know Tiger by running one of his restaurants in Florida and she made her debut as his girlfriend at the  Presidents Cup in 2017.

It’s probably healthy for Woods to date someone semi "normal," as his relationship with Lindsey Vonn many years back was analyzed to death and the last thing this athlete needs is for critics to look too closely at his love life.

However, Radar Online claims that Herman has a shady past of her own; specificially in the financial and legal realms.

On March 11, 2010, Herman was hit with federal tax liens for $17,652.53 for the December 2007 tax period and $2,609.92 for the December 2008 tax period.

Tiger, who is worth more than any athlete on the planet through tournament winnings and endorsement deals, has reportedly been helping Herman become more financially stable ever since they started banging.

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman, Height Difference
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This could be seen as a very nice gesture by someone in love…

… or as a naive gesture by someone being taken advantage of.

Radar labels Herman as "shady" in its brief story about Tiger’s girlfriend, but this does seem like an unfair conclusion to draw.

Sure, she could be using Tiger as an ATM. She may be in this relationship purely because she is digging for the dude’s gold.

But she also may just like Woods for who is has become ever since cheating on his wife a billion times a long time ago.

Why must we be so cynical all the time?