The Hills Returns! And Audrina Hooks Up with Justin Bobby Again?!?

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The Hills really is back, folks.

A decade after Spencer, Heidi, Audrina and company graced our television screens with their drama, back-stabbing and all around scandalous behavior, MTV officially revived this franchise on Monday night, June 24.

Minus Lauren Conrad, that is.

Was the show worth watching without its estranged beloved star?

How did newbie Mischa Barton fare as a cast member?

And did Audrina really hook back up with Justin Bobby?!?

Scroll down for a recap!

1. We. Are. Back!

We. Are. Back!
Come on. Don't you pretend as if you didn't miss this (sort of ) fine folks.

2. How Did the Premiere Kick Off?

How Did the Premiere Kick Off?
With Audrina Patridge moving into her new home, post-divorce, and enjoying wine on the patio with Whitney Port and Heidi Montag.

3. Where are Things at With These Ladies?

Where are Things at With These Ladies?
They all discussed their shared mom guilt they experience, most notably Heidi, who explained that even leaving her son, Gunnar, at home with Spencer Pratt gave her “severe anxiety.”

4. As for Audrina?

As for Audrina?
She let her friends know that after the divorce, Justin Bobby Brescia was the first to reach out to make sure she was alright. (And to get back in her pants, perhaps?)

5. It's Been a Tough Journey for Audrina

It's Been a Tough Journey for Audrina
She was quite upset over her divorce from Corey Bohan, even starting to cry to Heidi... and then later to Stephanie Pratt. Audrina reveled that she and Corey had a very unhealthy relationship.

6. How So?

How So?
“I was so numb and isolated and so depressed I lost over 20 pounds. I felt like I had no one else, I had to make this work,” Audrina said. “That’s why we got married, because I was pregnant. I was trying to do the right thing, which now I know is not the right thing.”

7. Cue Justin Bobby!

Cue Justin Bobby!
Later on the episode, Justin and Audrina met for a quasi-date. It included a quality amount of staring at each other, as Justin explained that he always knew Corey wasn’t The One for his ex. Neither would reveal say if they got it on after the outing.

8. Justin Bobby?!?

Justin Bobby?!?

9. What About Our Man Spencer?

What About Our Man Spencer?
He remained at odd with sister Stephanie, who returned to Los Angeles from London to repair this sibling relationship... and to speak in her new accent!

10. A Friendship, Ruined

A Friendship, Ruined
Spencer was also “shook” he hadn’t been invited to Brody Jenner‘s wedding. However, Brody stood by the decision because he had drifted from Spencer over the years and was now focusing on work and married life.

11. Okay. But Why is Mischa Barton Here?

Okay. But Why is Mischa Barton Here?
She’s friends with Stephanie. And that's pretty much all the premiere gave us about her.

12. Misery Loves Company

Misery Loves Company
At one point, Barton explained that she was a victim of revenge porn and Stephanie shared that she’d been arrested after she overdosed while shoplifting. “I don’t remember it. I woke up in a hospital bed handcuffed,” she said, as the pair bonded over their difficult pasts.

13. And... Roll Credits

And... Roll Credits
That was pretty much it for the opener, as the episode concluded with everyone heading to Stephanie’s Welcome Back to Los Angeles. party, thrown by Frankie Delgado. Will you be tuning in next week?

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