The Bachelor Recap: Wait, Is Colton Gay?!?

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The Bachelor featured guest stars galore, one suitors thirsting to be known at this season's villain and four more broken hearts this week.

It also focused heavily on the fact that Colton Underwood is a virgin.

Shocking, right?!?

As for who made which moves and who wondered if Colton is actually gay?

Hit up our section of The Bachelor spoilers to be, well, spoiled -- and scroll down for a rundown of events...

1. We're Down to 23 Women and One Virgin

We're Down to 23 Women and One Virgin
We'd stop mentioning the whole virgin thing if ABC would agree to do the same. It seems to be the only angle they have with Colton.

2. Mere Seconds Into the Episode, for Example...

Mere Seconds Into the Episode, for Example...
... there's Colton in the shower, telling this awkwardly-placed camera: “It’s the morning of the first group date. Today we’re going to be going to a theater to [slightly uncomfortable pause] tell stories of our firsts.”

3. A Group Date? Fun!

A Group Date? Fun!
Especially when Megan Mullally and the amazing Nick Offerman join Demi, Bri, Tracy, Elyse, Hannah G., Nicole, Onyeka and Catherine at a theater where the women are set to take turns telling stories about their "first time."

4. Their First What?

Their First What?
Anything, as Mullally explaind. The story could be about a "first kiss, first pet, first time you went to jail; anything that really stands out as something you would like to share with Colton."

5. Take It Away, People!

Take It Away, People!
Colton went first and talked about the first time he told his football teammates he was a virgin. Elyse then disclosed this was her first time dating a younger man. And Nicole told the story of the first white man she dated.

6. Demi Makes Her Move!

Demi Makes Her Move!
Demi then acted our her first: her first kiss with Colton! In front of everyone!

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