The 33 Worst (Best?) Tinder Pickup Lines of All Time

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Lame. Immature. Sophomoric. Awful. Cringe-worthy.

Despite being a time-honored pastime of dating for decades, the use of pick-up lines has traditionally been largely ineffective. 

Tinder has upped the ante on this to the 10th power.

Since the app launched, it has become the de facto standard for mobile hookups, making pick-up lines actually somewhat necessary.

One literally requires an icebreaker, by definition.

Sometimes, this leads to genuine, good-natured lines. Yet the extent to which some people (mostly guys) go from 0-100 is amazing.

Often vulgar. Sometimes hilarious. Never boring.

Peep 33 of the best (worst?) Tinder lines ever used below, and feel bad for the women who somehow swiped right on these dudes.

Unless they went for it, of course ...

1. Are you an appendix?

Are you an appendix?
That one is actually pretty good.

2. Let's go at it HARD

Let's go at it HARD
Soft, passive cuddlers need not apply.

3. Horny guys are people too!

Horny guys are people too!
Seriously. Stop treating us like this is some kind of meat market!

4. What's your ...

What's your ...
Typical guys, always coming on too strong.

5. Either answer works

Either answer works
These two totally boned.

6. A (dead) bird in hand ...

A (dead) bird in hand ...
... is worth one long-ass, somewhat compelling pickup line.

7. Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks
A for effort and execution on this one.

8. 69 or $690?

69 or $690?
Something tells us he won't get one without the other.

9. Persistence

You gotta see it through.

10. Pro-turtle

Autocorrect. The bane of everyone's existence!

11. Pet insurance

Pet insurance
So wrong.

12. Sometimes it works ...

Sometimes it works ...
Only with select people of course.

13. Are you into karate?

Are you into karate?
We totally thought this was going in a sexual direction that never materialized.

14. 1/1

Or 0/1. It's not clear if he was actually a weiner in this game.

15. 2 Fast

2 Fast
If Fast & Furious franchise quotes don't get you in somebody's pants, what will?!

16. 3

I just need two more!

17. Pls?

Keep it classy man.

18. Pretty Pls??

Pretty Pls??
Maybe a little more subtlety next time?

19. Just trynna pipe

Just trynna pipe
Wonder how her dad took that news at lunch.

20. Deal breaker

Deal breaker
No d--k pics on Snapchat? No date. Everyone has to have non-negotiables.

21. That's not technically rearranging ...

That's not technically rearranging ...
But we see where he's going with it.

22. More alphabet creativity

More alphabet creativity
Gross as this is, even she had to give props on the wordplay.

23. You win everything

You win everything
Seriously, that was pretty clever.

24. *Insert*

Did anyone not see that coming

25. Thoughts?

"Woah" is about all we could muster as well.

26. On second thought

On second thought
Back to swiping.

27. Okay then

Okay then
We hope for the sake of his health that he was kidding, though either way, we're guessing this was met with [crickets] followed by a prompt Unmatch.

28. A spot on every list

A spot on every list
Nice setup for the end and not too repulsive either ... we have a winner!

29. You WILL be here

You WILL be here
A bit forward, but in his defense, who doesn't like those things?!

30. Not lacking for confidence

Not lacking for confidence
Some of us are self-deprecating and modest. Not this Tinder user.

31. I'm locked out of my account!

I'm locked out of my account!
Maybe the FBI should've tried this against Apple.

32. Dang, girl!

Dang, girl!
Proving that females can occasionally play the pickup game as well - with gusto!

33. Do you ...

Do you ...

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