Teresa and Joe Giudice: Getting DIVORCED Over Cheating Allegations?!

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Currently, Joe Giudice is serving a four-year prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

Back in 2015, his wife, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, served 11 months behind bars on similar charges.

But while absence often makes the heart grow fonder, it seems back-to-back prison sentences are wreaking havoc on the Giudices and their relationship.

Of course, it certainly doesn't help that Joe and Teresa have both been accused of cheating while the other was locked up.

Now it seems this country song of a marriage may finally be coming to an end thanks to some surprising accusations from Teresa's biggest rival:

1. Happier Times

Happier Times
While it often seems that the Giudices' marriage has been one long rough patch, those who know the couple best say there was a time when they packed on the PDA nonstop.

2. Going Down Together

Going Down Together
The Giudices were both convicted of bankruptcy fraud in 2015. The judge in their case allowed Joe and Teresa to serve their sentences back-to-back for the sake of their children.

3. Teresa Went First

Teresa Went First
Teresa served 11 months of a 15-month sentence, earning an early release just before Christmas of 2015.

4. And Joe Allegedly Took Advantage

And Joe Allegedly Took Advantage
Though Teresa was locked up for less than a year, Joe reportedly carried on several affairs while she was serving her sentence.

5. Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storm
Teresa reportedly refused to believe the allegations against Joe, but now, the Giudices are facing further trouble.

6. Teresa's Turn?

Teresa's Turn?
Now that Joe is locked up, rumors of Teresa being unfaithful are circulating non-stop. And they're coming from a very high-profile accuser...

7. Called Out By Kim

Called Out By Kim
On Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kim DePaola accused Teresa of "rekindling old flings" while Joe is behind bars.

8. An Unlikely Defender

An Unlikely Defender
Saying Teresa's relationship with Danielle Staub is complex would be putting it very mildly. But Danielle has rushed to her frenemy's defense following the accusations from Kim.

9. Danielle's Denial

Danielle's Denial
"It is absolutely 100 percent not true, and it is unacceptable to even suggest it," Staub said in a recent interview with Too Fab.

10. A Witness to Their Love

A Witness to Their Love
"People need to stay out of her marriage," Staub continued. "Her marriage is just fine. I've been there when she's been on the phone with Joe, and I've had the privilege of being a part of the conversation and speaking with Joe.

11. "Madly In Love"

"Madly In Love"
"You can see that they are madly in love with each other," Staub added.

12. A Troubled History

A Troubled History
"With Teresa, we are 11 years into a relationship, which most people don't realize," Danielle said of her her decision to pair off with Giudice at a recent women's retreat. "So healing that relationship with Teresa, who I have become extremely close to, takes precedence."

13. Water Under the Bridge?

Water Under the Bridge?
These days, it seems all is well between Teresa and Danielle. But not everyone is sold on Staub's comments regarding Teresa's marriage.

14. Keeping a Low Profile?

Keeping a Low Profile?
Teresa has been quieter than usual on social media in recent weeks. Some say it's part of her effort to keep her nose clean. Others believe she has something to hide.

15. A Less-Than-Perfect Marriage

A Less-Than-Perfect Marriage
The Giudices had issues prior to the start of their legal troubles. Rumors about Joe's alcoholism and infidelity have been circulating for several years.

16. More Problems Ahead

More Problems Ahead
Joe still has more than two years left on his sentence, and the Giudices are facing more trouble once he's released.

17. Back to Italy?

Back to Italy?
Joe is an Italian immigrant who never obtained US citizenship, which means he could be deported once he's released from prison.

18. Will Teresa Follow?

Will Teresa Follow?
Obviously, that would put Teresa in a difficult position: Would she remain in the US, or leave behind everything she knows and uproot her children for the sake of her husband? Whatever happens, one thing is clear...

19. Teresa Would Be Just Fine Without Joe

Teresa Would Be Just Fine Without Joe
We actually believe Danielle when she says Teresa isn't cheating, as she seems to do just fine without a man. Teresa has long been her family's primary breadwinner, and she's still hustling hard while raising four daughters. We're sure whatever happens in her marriage, Teresa will be just fine.

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