Teen Mom: PROOF the Whole Show is Fake?!

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Oh, Teen Mom ... what a delightful show, huh?

It's got everything you could want in a reality show.

There's drama of all sorts -- between family members, in romantic relationships, with exes.

We've seen arrests, fights, custody battles, hospitalizations, weddings, pregnancies, and so much more.

But could Teen Mom actually be fake?

Like 100% scripted nonsense?

1. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
OK, so we know that the Teen Mom cast is fond of complaining about MTV's editing, right?

2. Really?

We've seen this a whole lot from some of the more dramatic cast members.

3. Right, Right

Right, Right
Jenelle has said that she's considered quitting the show because they portray her and David Eason like a "freak show in cages," and she's said many times that she feels it's unhealthy for her to be shown in such a bad light.

4. A Deadbeat?

A Deadbeat?
Jeremy Calvert has done more than his fair share of ranting about MTV -- his big problem is that on the show, he seems like an ignorant, racist, deadbeat dad, and apparently that's not his truth.

5. Ouch

And who could forget that time that Tyler Baltierra told Catelynn Lowell that he didn't "want no heiffer for a wife"? It caused quite the stir, but according to Tyler, the network was just out to make him look like "the POS baby daddy this season" to "help the ratings."

6. Hungry Kids or No?

Hungry Kids or No?
And when Leah Messer was going through her rough time, we saw one of her daughters scream and cry about being hungry. Several viewers were deeply concerned, but Leah let everyone know that the real issue was that her kid is "a drama queen." Fair.

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