Teen Mom OG Trailer: Amber Portwood Arrest ... and a PREGNANCY SURPRISE?!

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It's that time of year again, friends ...

Time for one Teen Mom show to wrap up and another to begin!

It feels like Teen Mom 2 has been airing for so long now, and while it's been fun to see what that crew has been up to, there's just something special about those OG girls, you know?

Luckily for us, the new season of Teen Mom OG is set to premiere in just a few weeks ... and we have the first sneak peek right here!

1. What a Ride

What a Ride
When we last saw the Teen Mom OG girls in the last season finale ... well, let's just say a whole, whole lot has happened since then.

2. A Look Back

A Look Back
Amber, of course, comes to mind first -- in the finale, we saw her complaining about Andrew and how he doesn't understand her struggle with mental health. Yep, that's how long ago the finale was filmed.

3. Oooh

At the end of the episode, MTV shared the news of her July arrest without any actual footage of it, of course -- the posted a headline about the events of that night and Amber's mug shot, then went to Gary and Kristina for a quick chat about what happened and what might happen next.

4. Hey, Maci!

Hey, Maci!
Down in Tennessee, Maci was helping Bently, who'd been having trouble focusing in school. She blamed the issue on everything that's been going on with Ryan, which seemed fair, and got him an appointment with a therapist.

5. Surprise!

Oh, and we found out that Mackenzie Standifer was pregnant with her second child with Ryan Edwards, which was ... a choice.

6. Carly Time!

Carly Time!
Catelynn's segments in the finale revolved around a visit with Carly -- so exciting! The drama was that she and Tyler were pretty late to a zoo trip with her because they were trying to make a scrapbook for her and they left everything to the last minute. However, Cate said that Carly loved the scrapbook and that they had a great time together, so that was nice.

7. Yikes

As for Cheyenne, we saw her struggle with some racist tweets that Cory's girlfriend, Taylor, had made in the past, but eventually everyone sat down together and talked it out.

8. Oh No

Oh No
And Mackenzie ... well, most of Mackenzie's scenes were about her mother. We saw Angie tell her that her cancer had progressed and that her doctors had told her it would be a miracle if she made it another six months, and then we saw Mackenzie break the awful news to her children.

9. Wow

So yes ... a lot has happened since then.

10. Great!

And now that we've looked back at where the show left off, why don't we take a look at where the show is going?

11. The Trailer!

During this week's reunion special, Catelynn dropped by, and she and Chelsea introduced the very first sneak peek at the upcoming season.

12. Here We Go

Here We Go
So let's break it down.

13. Sisters!

It starts off super cute, with Nova going up to Vaeda and saying that she thinks she wants to give her a kiss ... but Vaeda hits her instead. Siblings, right?

14. Getting It

Getting It
And then there's a little dance break, courtesty of Ryder. You know, the cute kid moments that break up all the drama.

15. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
Speaking of drama, the trailer jumped into it quick from there -- we see Maci talking to Catelynn on the phone, and she asks her "Did you see the news?"

16. Obviously

"About Amber?" Cate asks. "Yeah."

17. If Only We Knew

If Only We Knew
"What in the hell," Maci says. We wish we knew, girl.

18. Oh Man

Oh Man
MTV put in a headline about Amber's domestic violence arrest, but Amber herself doesn't make an appearance in this trailer.

19. Hard to Say

Hard to Say
We know Amber filmed for this new season, but it does seem like there was a short period of time when cameras weren't around, so maybe that's why she doesn't appear in the trailer -- because she has less footage than the others.

20. Another Possibility

Another Possibility
Or maybe it's because MTV wants to keep all the juicy stuff for the actual show. After all, an earlier report did claim that they'd planned on filming throughout her trial, so if there was a break in filming after her arrest, it couldn't have lasted for too long.

21. Poor James

Poor James
But remember, Amber and Andrew have agreed that baby James won't be on the show at all anymore, so don't go looking for him, all right?


But yeah, back in the trailer, Cheyenne and Cory try to work on their issues. She tells him "If you think that you're gonna blow up at me, you should probably just take a second to think about what you're doing." And he nods, so that's nice.

23. Dang It, Josh!

Dang It, Josh!
The relationship struggles continue over in Oklahoma -- next in the trailer, we see Mackenzie tell Josh "I cannot be with you if you have slept with someone."

24. Venting

In another scene, she talks to Angie about it all, telling her "He's a two, I'm a ten, let's just get out there." So she clearly is not too happy with her husband, and she probably won't be for a good part of the whole season.

25. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Up next, Catelynn has lunch with a friend, and she asks her if she thinks Tyler is going to be "weirded out," but the friend says that actually she thinks he will "cry his eyes out."

26. Suspicious

What are they talking about? We have no idea, but the next scenes shows Catelynn standing in a field with a blindfolded Tyler. She takes the blindfold off, smiling, and he looks around and says "What's going on? What the f-ck's going on?"

27. So Many Possibilities!

So Many Possibilities!
This is one of the more interesting parts of the trailer, honestly, because what is happening?! The easy guess, of course, is some sort of pregnancy announcement.

28. Could It Be?

Could It Be?
And yeah, they did just have their daughter Vaeda earlier this year, but they've both said that they want to be done having kids by the time they're 30 and that they definitely want one more ... so maybe?

29. Sorry, Friends

Sorry, Friends
It's fun to think about, but in reality there's really no way they would be able to save a pregnancy announcement for the show -- we definitely would have heard about it by now. So maybe it's like a party or a big gift or something along those lines.

30. More Drama

More Drama
We hope you're ready for some Ryan drama now, because it's coming -- the next clip shows Maci and Taylor talking, and he says that he feels Ryan is using Bentley "as a prop, like 'Oh, we're going to film golfing today, let me invite my son.'"

31. Aww, Maci

Aww, Maci
She agrees with that and she even says that she feels like an idiot ... so it looks like we'll be seeing plenty more issues with Ryan soon.

32. More Fighting

More Fighting
Finally, in the last scene, Cheyenne and Cory are talking again, and this time Ryder is hanging out, too. Cory tells Cheyenne "I feel like your focus has shifted," and she asks "To what?"

33. Ouch

"I just don't know if it's on Ryder," he admits, to which Cheyenne says "You sound f-cking stupid to say that to me."

34. Whew

And that's it. That's the trailer.

35. Facts

Really, it looks like we're going to see a lot of the same things we've been seeing -- Maci struggling to coparent with Ryan, Cheyenne and Cory figuring out how to coparent, Amber being awful.

36. The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff
Speaking of Amber, her footage will definitely be the most exciting to see, right? We barely heard from her for a long time after her arrest, and when she finally started popping up again, it was just in a string of unhinged Instagram Lives. Seeing how she's actually been doing from the point of view of the crew should be an interesting time, to say the least.

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