Amber Portwood Responds to Rumors of Drug-Fueled Tantrum

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To the surprise of many, Amber Portwood was able to avoid jail time after pleading guilty to assaulting then-fiance Andrew Glennon back in July.

Of course, it wasn't the first time that the Teen Mom OG star narrowly avoided doing time on assault charges.

Back in 2010, Amber was arrested for attacking then-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

She was sentenced to probation for the on-camera altercation, but she was later imprisoned after violating her probation by possessing controlled substances.

Now, some fans think history is repeating itself -- and Portwood is speaking out against the allegations as only she can.

Take a look:

1. Up to Her Old Tricks?

Up to Her Old Tricks?
Is Amber Portwood back on drugs? Some fans think the Teen Mom OG star's recent behavior is an indication that she's fallen off the wagon.

2. A Short Hiatus

A Short Hiatus
During her trial, Amber was less active on social media than usual. Following her sentencing, she indicated that she would be taking a hiatus from communicating with fans -- but that didn't last long.

3. Back At It

Back At It
In late November, Amber reiterated that she's through with social media. That same day, she attacked Andrew Glennon as a liar in a lengthy Twitter tirade.

4. The Hypocrisy Continues

The Hypocrisy Continues
In the past, Amber's bizarre Instagram videos have landed her in trouble. Fans hoped that even as she returned to social media, Portwood would refrain from speaking on camera.

5. Good Advice

Good Advice
Some went so far as to post comments discouraging Amber from speaking about her split from Andrew or her recent court case.

6. Loophole?

Amber has mostly followed that advice, and she seems to have realized there's nothing to be gained by continuing to harass her assault victim. But that doesn't mean she's done posting videos.

7. Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon
As you may have heard, rapper Juice WRLD passed away earlier this month at the age of 21. And it seems the death affected Amber on a personal level.

8. Message of Condolence

Message of Condolence
“Everybody pray for Juice Wrld’s family…just keep them in your prayers today,” she said in a clip posted to Instagram last week.

9. An Epidemic

An Epidemic
“Waking up to this bullsh-t from X to Peep and now this…I can’t believe it anymore," Amber wrote in the video's caption, referring to late rappers Xxxtentacion and Lil Peep. "I swear this is getting too crazy.”

10. Mixed Message

Mixed Message
Unfortunately for Amber, some fans and media outlets were less concerned with her message than with the manner in which it was delivered.

11. A Troubling Sign

A Troubling Sign
Several commenters -- and at least one media outlet -- observed that Amber appeared to be slurring her words in the clip.

12. Amber Alert

Amber Alert
The website Teen Mom Talk Now reported on the controversy surrounding Amber's most recent video, noting that many fans were disturbed by the content of the now-deleted clip.

13. Calling Out Drew

Calling Out Drew
“When is MTV going to air an interview of Amber with Dr. Drew calling out her addiction? Isn’t that his specialty?” one commenter on Reddit wrote.

14. She's Got a Point

She's Got a Point
“And Amber’s over here giving us hours-long snapchats and is clearly strung out on whatever the f-ck. You want to make an impact on lives? How about you have Drew sit her down and call her the f-ck out!” the fan continued.

15. Just Amber Being Amber?

Just Amber Being Amber?
Interestingly, many commenters came to Amber's defense and noted that while she appears to be behaving erratically, that's not necessarily an indication that she's on drugs.

16. Fair Point

Fair Point
“She gets drug tested all the time, so I doubt she’s on drugs,” wrote one user. “I think her severe mental illness just makes her behave very odd sometimes.”

17. A Manic State

A Manic State
“Yep same as someone who works in a recovery centre. She’s manic at the moment,” a second commenter chimed in.

18. Faking It?

Faking It?
“She’s not nodding out here lmfao she’s faking crying and emotions,” said a third user. “She’s just trying to make it seem like her eyes are filling with tears.”

19. She'll Take It

She'll Take It
Needless to say, not every interpretation of Amber's behavior was flattering. But we're sure Portwood would prefer those takes to claims that she's back on drugs.

20. Clapping Back

Clapping Back
Amber tweeted and deleted a link to the Teen Mom Talk Now story along with some commentary of her own.

21. Fake News!

Fake News!
"Fake news alert!" she wrote alongside the link. "As I've communicated to my fans already, I am doing EVERYTHING I can to fight for my son."

22. Sweet Baby James

Sweet Baby James
Yes, Amber is still fighting Andrew for custody of their son, James. She currently only has visitation rights.

23. What's at Stake

What's at Stake
And she knows full well that going back to using would likely prevent her from ever regaining custody.

24. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
"I am tested by the courts for drugs. They're not allowed to be in my system. SHAME ON YOU for putting out this fictitious story..." Portwood continued to rant.

25. Benefit of the Doubt

Benefit of the Doubt
Call us crazy, but this time, we believe her. Of course, we also believe she should be in prison for attacking her ex with a machete, but that's a conversation for another time.

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