Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Goes Pyro on Kail's Peace Offering!

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Back in December, Kailyn Lowry sent Jenelle Evans a sample from her new line of hair care products.

And Jenelle proceeded to light the gift on fire.

That incident was featured on Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, which means we finally got some insight into what the hell was going through Jenelle's head.

Unfortunately, Ms. Evans is pretty clueless herself in that respect.

As far as we can tell, she just really likes fire and really, really hates Kail.

Take a look:

1. Former Besties

Former Besties
Okay, maybe not "besties," but these two used to be pretty close friends. Those days are long gone now.

2. Point of No Return

Point of No Return
Kail and Jenelle are well past the point where they might have salvaged their relationship -- but that hasn't stopped Kail from trying.

3. Peace Offering

Peace Offering
Back in December, Kail launched her Pothead hair care line, and she sent free samples to everyone on the Teen Mom 2 cast including Jenelle.

4. The Insanity

The Insanity
On Monday night's episode, we got to see how the incident played out -- and it was every bit as bonkers as you would imagine.

5. The Beginning

The Beginning
Before she even sent the package, Kail speculated that Jenelle might use it as "target practice." She was almost right ...

6. Burn Notice

Jenelle not only lit Kail's gift on fire (and almost blew herself up in the process), she made a video of the incident and posted it to Instagram.

7. Backfire

The stunt backfired, of course, and not only in the sense that it literally almost blew up in Jenelle's face.

8. Free Advertising

Free Advertising
Turns out, the stunt went viral, and Kail's sales rose as high as Jenelle's flames.

9. Cheers to Jenelle's Insanity

Cheers to Jenelle's Insanity
Kail shared the joyous news over some Twisted Teas with her BFF Becky Hayter.

10. Checkers vs. Chess

Checkers vs. Chess
Jenelle likely knew that her video would rack up a quick million views -- but she probably didn't realize that Kail would use the hype to promote her products.

11. Business Savvy

Business Savvy
In part by launching a promo code tied to Jenelle's video, Kail was able to do $10,000 in sales in a single day.

12. Hayter's No Hater

Hayter's No Hater
Having not been forced to grapple with Jenelle's insanity quite as often, Becky just found the situation sort of puzzling. We're with you, Becky.

13. Jenelle Explains

Jenelle Explains
"She talks sh-t about my entire life," Jenelle explained to a producer when asked about her obsessive hatred of Kail.

14. Kail Was Right

Kail Was Right
She went on to say that David did indeed want to use the products for target practice, but she decided FIRE would be the more sane option.

15. The Mind of a Madwoman

The Mind of a Madwoman
We may never know exactly what motivated Jenelle to do the crazy, crazy thing that she did.

16. Viral Gold

Viral Gold
But we do know that she had the entire internet gawking at her, both when it first happened, and again when the episode aired.

17. #Winning

And once again, Kail used the situation to her advantage.

18. Hot Sale

Hot Sale
She once again put her products on sale in honor of Jenelle. The promo code? LIT, of course.

19. Burned Up

Burned Up
Sounds like there are some nice savings to be had. Of course, the best thing about this situation is that Jenelle is suffering consequences for her own foolish actions, which is something we can all get behind.

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