Taylor McKinney Trashes Ryan Edwards: Get a Life, You Jobless Loser!

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Perhaps no star in the Teen Mom universe has generated more mixed feelings than Ryan Edwards.

When Ryan went to rehab last year, fans applauded his courage.

When he got out and immediately went back to drinking and making life miserable for his baby mama, Maci Bookout, viewers reacted with a mix of frustration and contempt.

But it seems one person who knows Ryan very well was never the slightest bit confused in his feelings toward the troubled 30-year-old.

Maci's husband, Taylor McKinney, flat-out doesn't like Ryan - and it seems he doesn't care who knows it.

1. Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope
Ryan has been a source of frustration for Teen Mom OG fans over the years, as many have wondered why the troubled dad can't get his act together and be the father that little Bentley deserves. And it seems no one has been more outraged by Ryan's behavior than Taylor McKinney.

2. Taylor Talk

Taylor Talk
Taylor married Maci in October of 2016. In addition to Bentley, they're raising two other children, Jade and Maverick.

3. Attempting Normalcy

Attempting Normalcy
At first, Maci and Taylor made every effort to get along with Ryan, even inviting him to their wedding. Unfortunately, the peace wasn't meant to last.

4. Ryan's Rock Bottom

Ryan's Rock Bottom
Relations began to deteriorate rapidly as Ryan's drug problem worsened. In the summer of 2017, Ryan checked into rehab after losing consciousness during his own wedding. Unfortunately, the damage to his relationship with Maci and Taylor had already been done.

5. Delusional Mackenzie?

Delusional Mackenzie?
Standifer has resolutely stood by her man throughout his many ups and downs. But now, fans are pushing back about some of the 21-year-old's claims about her troubled husband.

6. Mackenzie's Version

Mackenzie's Version
On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, Mackenzie furiously defended Ryan, even going so far as to claim that Ryan was the one who left Mackenzie. Fans had a field day with the remark...

7. Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight
“Lol at Mackenzie wondering if Maci has moved on from the past and claiming Ryan left her. You and Ryan are the ones constantly bringing up ancient history, and clearly aren’t over S–T #TeenMomOG," tweeted one viewer.

8. Taylor Sounds Off

Taylor Sounds Off
“Well when you have 2 jobless adults, one of whom is 30 years old and still needs his ass wiped, what do you [expect] the dinner convos to be?" Taylor replied.

9. Taylor's Trash Talk

Taylor's Trash Talk
"They should thank Maci for paying their ‘nursing school’….but that’s none of my business,” he added. Naturally, he threw frog and tea emojis on the end for emphasis.

10. Shots Fired

Shots Fired
Needless to say, Taylor made his feelings toward Mackenzie and Ryan quite clear in his tweet. To the disappoinment of fans, neither party has yet responded publicly.

11. Getting Off Easy

Getting Off Easy
Ryan was roasted pretty thoroughly in Taylor's tweet, but some fans think Maci's husband actually went too easy on Edwards.

12. Ryan's Relapse

Ryan's Relapse
The reason for this is that Taylor (perhaps out of pity) failed to mention Ryan's recent relapse, which was documented by an MTV camera crew.

13. Off the Wagon

Off the Wagon
After his stint in rehab, Ryan and Mackenzie had a second wedding to make up for their disastrous first one. The ceremony was featured in a recent episode of TMOG, and fans were stunned to see Ryan pounding shots and downing beers.

14. Booze and Consequences

Booze and Consequences
Ryan's alcohol consumption could have major reperussions going forward, even if he finds that he's able to drink moderately and avoid slipping back into addiction.

15. Bentley in the Middle

Bentley in the Middle
Currently, Ryan's visitation rights with his son are severely limited. Maci says she'll loosen up the restrictions once he's able to pass a drug test, but it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon.

16. A Bitter Battle

A Bitter Battle
Ryan has vowed to fight Maci in court, but currently, he doesn't have a leg to stand on. While it was heroin and not alcohol that landed Ryan in rehab, a judge is unlikely to look kindly on a recently recovered addict drinking heavily in front of TV cameras.

17. Taylor Pulling Punches

Taylor Pulling Punches
So why didn't Taylor mention the most damning piece of evidence that flies in the face of Ryan's recovery narrative? Well, there are two possible reasons.

18. The Bud Light Lovers

The Bud Light Lovers
Taylor and Maci have taken a fair amount of flak for their very enthusiastic consumption of Bud Light over the years, with some even accusing Bookout of drinking while pregnant. It's possible that Taylor simply didn't want to get back into the booze debate. But there's another, even more important reason that he may not have mentioned Ryan's drinking...

19. Tell It to the Judge

Tell It to the Judge
In all likelihood, Ryan and Maci will find themselves back in court in the very near future. Taylor trash-talking his wife's ex on social media can only serve to hurt their case. It's one of those reminders that there's reality TV, and then there's real life, and the stakes are much higher in the latter...

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