RHOC Cast to Tamra Judge: You're the One Causing All Our Problems!

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Last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County saw a lot of accusations about Kelly Dodd.

Kelly being Kelly, she of course retaliated, putting her perceived enemies on blast.

But once the dust settled, the Housewives started to explain themselves and compare notes.

Most of the drama, they discovered, didn't originate with Kelly, or Vicki, or Braunwyn.

They realized that Tamra Judge had been the Iago whispering manipulative messages into their ears the entire time.

Worst of all was watching Shannon Beador's eyes tear up as she realized that she had been betrayed by a woman she loves like a sister.

1. Uh-oh, Tamra!

Uh-oh, Tamra!
Tamra Judge ended up getting called out by friends and frenemies alike on this week's The Real Housewives of Orange County!

2. Let's begin

Let's begin
You may remember that last week, people discussed the "bar fight" rumor involving Kelly and another woman who was described as hanging all over Dr. Brian. Well, all of the ladies were discussing it, and Braunwyn tried to clear the air with what she'd heard directly from Kelly. Tamra then led Kelly to believe that Braunwyn had brought it up, leading Kelly to reduce Braunwyn to tears.

3. The feud didn't last

The feud didn't last
The ladies met up (with Emily to give Braunwyn some backup), which is where Braunwyn explained her position. Kelly felt bad for chewing her out.

4. Then, Kelly was shocked

Then, Kelly was shocked
This is when Braunwyn felt that she should know that it was Tamra, not Vicki, who first spread the Train Rumor. (This is debatable, since Vicki kept hinting about knowing something about Vicki, but yes, it was Tamra who first brought up the T-word)

5. Kelly was NOT happy

Kelly was NOT happy
"Tamra always acts like she's my best friend," Kelly accuses. "She's the biggest two face!"

6. Thinking back, she sees a pattern

Thinking back, she sees a pattern
"I think this is part of Tamra's pattern," Kelly says. "She is somebody that likes to throw a little bomb and then walk away."

7. She's soooo mad

She's soooo mad
"Tamra was actually the one that was spreading the train rumor!" Kelly marvels, clearly feeling betrayed. "I had no idea! I always thought it was Vicki!"

8. The trust is gone

The trust is gone
"I am completely shocked, disappointed," Kelly expresses. "It makes me sick to my stomach that I even trusted this woman."

9. rhoc tamra expose 02 tamra

rhoc tamra expose 02 tamra

10. Emily recognized it, too

Emily recognized it, too
She was a bit more diplomatic than Kelly and her short fuse, but Emily acknowledged that Tamra doesn't try to "facilitate a positive outcome."

11. Yet Tamra often comes away blameless

Yet Tamra often comes away blameless
"She likes to stir up problems between other people," Emily observes. "And then she acts like she has clean hands, like she didn't do anything." Tamra plays messenger, so to speak.

12. Kelly was still bewildered

Kelly was still bewildered
After Braunwyn emphasized that she's seen this pattern in Tamra, Kelly says: "And I'm the idiot that would talk to her, and she's over here talking smack?!"

13. Shannon didn't like where this was going

Shannon didn't like where this was going
Shannon and Tamra are both part of the Tres Amigas, and she objected to the characterization that Tamra was "talking smack."

14. It was Shannon's turn to be shocked

It was Shannon's turn to be shocked
"You should see the shit that she says about you!" Kelly told an astonished Shannon. "I've had hours and hours of conversation with Tamra about you."

15. Kelly had news for Shannon

Kelly had news for Shannon
"'She's kissing every guy at the bar.' She called Gina last night, and she told Gina, 'Why don't you, me and Kelly room together on our next trip?' Uh-huh. She said that to Gina," Kelly reports to Shannon. "Oh, and then she told me when I bonked you on the head, she's like, 'Oh, there was nothing wrong with her.'"

16. Kelly even had receipts

Kelly even had receipts
She showed Shannon messages from Tamra on her phone, including a gif of a woman overreacting to a head bop. Wow.

17. It got worse

It got worse
"Constantly judging!" Kelly accused of Tamra, quoting: "'Shannon's put on weight again...'"

18. Shannon was hurt

Shannon was hurt
"She's saying I'm gaining weight?!" Shannon exclaimed. "I'm just so surprised."

19. That hit closer than anyone expected

That hit closer than anyone expected
"I feel like the wind's been knocked out of me because I have gained weight," Shannon confessed to the camera. "And I've talked to Tamra about it, so how would Kelly know? Is Tamra really talking about me? To hear some of these comments kind of opens up some old wounds for me."

20. Emily says that this can't be fixed

Emily says that this can't be fixed
"It's never gonna stop," Emily suggests. "It's who she is."

21. Kelly is disappointed in herself

Kelly is disappointed in herself
"I knew damn good and well who she was, and I still didn't go with my gut," Kelly lamented to the camera. "She just is a snake and she just sticks her venom on everybody. We got Vicki who's a pig, and Tamra who's a snake."

22. Of course ...

Of course ...
Piecing together Tamra's role in various feuds and comparing notes wasn't the only topic on the episode.

23. Meanwhile

Gina Kirschenheiter is still dealing with her ex, Matt, and confessed to her therapist that she slept with him even though their marriage is over and she's dating someone new. Complicated.

24. She's also afraid

She's also afraid
Gina understandably declined to tell Matt that she was traveling with a guy, because of Matt's quick temper. That is what folks in the storytelling business refer to as foreshadowing -- of the scary, violent incident that led to Matt's June arrest.

25. She's conflicted

She's conflicted
She's afraid to stay with Matt but afraid to lose him. Poor Gina. She has real problems, while everyone else's seem to have been fabricated by Tamra.

26. ALMOST everyone ...

ALMOST everyone ...
See, Emily and Shane went out to eat so that they could discuss some issues, including Emily's mounting resentments over the way that he speaks to her.

27. They have goals in mind

They have goals in mind
They want to argue less in front of their children, and Emily wants them to return to couples therapy (Shane suggests that she go alone, as he does not want to go). Also, he negs her with the breadbasket.

28. Ugh

Emily is constantly defending Shane on camera, and even does so in the aftershow interview for this episode. But she also sobs during the confessional lamenting that she has "doesn't know what to do" because she has "little kids." Girl, leave him and live your best life.

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