Nathan Griffith to Jenelle Evans: THANK YOU For Finally Leaving David!

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Well, better late than never, right?

Last week, Jenelle Evans announced that she had left David Eason and removed her kids from the home she once shared with her now-estranged husband.

It marked a development Teen Mom 2 fans had been hoping for - pining for - over a period of years, but perhaps no one was more relieved to hear the news than Nathan Griffith.

Nathan's son Kaiser had been living with the Easons, and Nathan - Jenelle's former fiance - had good reason to be deeply concerned.

No one is safe living with David, least of all a 5-year-old whom Eason has taken a particular dislike to (because he looks like Nathan ... seriously).

For now, Kaiser is safe, and it seems that regardless of his issues with Jenelle, Nathan will do anything in his power to help his child stay out of harm's way.

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1. Healthy, By Comparison

Healthy, By Comparison
Jenelle and Nathan's relationship was brief, and often very ugly. Particularly in the period right after their engagement, which involved a couple of nastier arguments in recent memory - even by her standards. But compared to her relationship with David, they were the ideal couple.

2. Concerned For Kai

Concerned For Kai
Throughout Jenelle and David's tumultuous two-year marriage, Nathan openly expressed concerns for his son's safety and accused Eason of child abuse. Physically.

3. Legitimate Suspicion

Legitimate Suspicion
Very few people doubted that Nathan's suspicions were well-founded, except, seemingly, for Jenelle, who accused him of lying about discovering bruises on Kaiser the size and shape of an adult's hand.

4. Window of Opportunity

Window of Opportunity
When David shot and killed Jenelle's dog back in May, that was beyond the pale for Nathan - who seized the opportunity to move his son to a safer environment.

5. Silver Lining

Silver Lining
The shooting of Nugget led to a CPS investigation which caused the Easons to temporarily lose custody of their kids, all of whom were sent to live with relatives - in Kaiser's case, his father.

6. A Change For the Better

A Change For the Better
Kaiser (the second of Jenelle's three children, all of whom have different fathers) was sent to live with Nathan, who was sharing a home with his mother and fiancee at the time.

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