Stars Sing the National Anthem: Who Really Sucked?

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"... and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air..."

This is a line from the Star-Spangled Banner.

But it can also be paraphrased and applied to a handful of times in which a famous singer attempted to honor his or her country prior to some kind of major event.

What we're saying here is that some artists have bombed with their rendition of America's theme song.

Some artists have bombed... HARD.

Whose version remains the most memorable, for all of the wrong reasons? Whose do you consider to be the best of the best?

Listen/watch the following videos and decide for yourself! (NOTE: We saved the undisputed best for last.)

1. Fergie

Fergie attempted a sultry edition of the Star-Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star Game. As you can see here, it did NOT go over well.

2. Roseanne Barr

If Fergie's performance wasn't the worst ever, Roseanne's from 1990 may have. For a very different reason, as you can see above.

3. Pink

Pink overcame illness and belted out a rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Watch the performance and hand out a grade now!

4. Ciara

Ciara pretty much showed off her boobs while singing the National Anthem. Should the artist have covered up more? Or should she have worn even less?!?

5. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga blew her national anthem out of the park at Super Bowl 50. Watch the performance now.

6. Marlana VanHoose

Who is Marlana VanHoose? Only a blind singer who left us in awe with this rendition. It's an absolute must-watch.

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