Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Trailer: All the Things You May Have Missed!

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The final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is here!

Excitement and trepidation are running high among diehard fans of the franchise.

The trailer answers some questions while creating others, and teases exciting moments while offering up a few Easter Eggs.

Take a look at what we noticed about the film below and prepare to get hyped for Episode IX.

This is the film that's supposed to close out the Skywalker Saga. Those are huge shoes to fill.

1. It's time to get HYPED!

It's time to get HYPED!
A lot of fans are excited and a lot of fans are nervous about Episode IX. Episode XIII was controversial, if too often for the wrong reasons, but the teasers for The Rise of Skywalker have shown a lot of promise ever since we heard Palpatine's laugh when that first teaser debuted at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year.

2. Rey's Forest Run

Rey's Forest Run
It's unclear if Rey is training here or if something more urgent is happening, as a blaster bolt could come from a First Order trooper or from a training droid. The dropped helmet, however, is a callback to Luke's training on Dagobah.

3. Rose Tico Returns!

Rose Tico Returns!
If you keep your finger on the pulse of the Star Wars fandom, you know that many were alarmed in recent weeks to discover that Rose Tico had been seemingly erased from promotional art and from merchandise -- even merchandise where she had been featured in the original art. Given that actress Kelly Marie Tran had already been horribly harassed online and how Rose's role had been so disappointingly thankless thus far, many feared that she would be left out of Episode IX entirely. Clearly, Rose will be in the film. What role she'll play remains to be seen.

4. Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren
Both in-universe and among the fans, Kylo is no Darth Vader. He has a very cool aesthetic and looks great, but in previous films he has failed to impress compared to other Dark Side wielders. Fans are hoping that he'll redeem himself in this film -- some wanting him to turn to the Light Side of the Force, others wanting him to just do something cool and effective. He may be gearing up for just that in this moment, as you'll see in a moment.

5. This Throne

This Throne
It's unclear exactly where this ominous yet inspiring throne of black stone may be located, but it clearly resonates with the Dark Side, which always just has the best aesthetic. Incidentally, this throne is lifted directly from early concept art for Sheev Palpatine's throne in Return of the Jedi. Given Palpatine's return in this film, we wonder if we'll get to see him take a seat on it.

6. So Many Ships!

So Many Ships!
We actually got a glimpse at the Millennium Falcon and the rest of this armada in the short teaser that aired hours before the sportsball game during which the full trailer aired. What's more exciting is the ship beside it -- The Ghost. The Ghost of course is the ship used by the protagonists on Star Wars Rebels, a canon animated series following early stages of the Galactic Rebellion. Does this mean that Hera Syndulla, a Twi'lek who would be of a similar age to Leia, is part of the film? Could it be that her son, Jacen Syndulla, will be part of the film -- and possibly a Force user? That would be nice, but it's probably an Easter Egg. We don't get the impression that JJ Abrams is especially interested in the full extent of Star Wras canon.

7. Rey vs Kylo, Take 3

Rey vs Kylo, Take 3
Rey and Kylo already fought in the first film. Rey had never before wielded a lightsaber, but she'd been fighting all her life, and clearly, the Force fueled her in combat as it has so many other budding Force-sensitives. They struggled again over Anakin's old lightsaber. Rey won both times. Who would Kylo dare face her again? It is possible that he received new training in the Dark Side from someone other than that weak old hack, Snoke, and is for once prepared to face Rey. Or maybe he'll get his booty kicked again.

8. C-3PO Says Goodbye

C-3PO Says Goodbye
It's wildly unclear why C-3PO is bidding what feels like a tearful farewell to his friends and allies in this moment, but we suspect that it is linked to the scene in a previous trailer in which his eyes glow red. We suppose that it makes sense for Threepio's story to end in Episode IX, as Anakin built him as a child. This film is supposed to end the Skywalker saga.

9. A Tearful Farewell

A Tearful Farewell
Rey and Leia exchange a tearful and meaningful hug. This scene was only possible because it was previously unused footage. It will be interesting to see how they honor the late, great Carrie Fisher while also honoring General Leia Organa while also making sense within the narrative. Expect a lot of tears in the audience. My tears.

10. Y-Wings Are Back!

Y-Wings Are Back!
This may seem trivial but it is not. Remember in Episode XIII when the Resistance for some reason sent extremely slow-moving bombers that used either their own artificial gravity or a magnetic device to "drop" bombs in space, and how those extremely inefficient bombers were all destroyed taking down one Dreadnought? When Iden Versio sacrificed her life to learn the vulnerabilities of the Dreadnought, she didn't intend for entire squadrons of bombers to die. Y-Wing bombers, like the one that Lando and Chewie are flying here, are fast bombers that are also gunships. This seems like a nod to fans who wondered if the ships were discontinued.

11. The Calvalry is Here

The Calvalry is Here
Part of Lucas' vision for Star Wars derived from the idea that using natural tools and mysticism was more inherently good than reliance upon technology. Everything from Luke turning off his targeting system to Darth Vader needing machines literally to breathe is designed to drive home that concept. We've seen numerous Jedi use wildlife as mounts rather than using vehicles, and it looks like some Resistance forces are riding some manner of Space Horses in this film as a continuation of this concept.

12. Return to the Throne Room

Return to the Throne Room
From that first teaser in which we heard Palpatine's beautiful laughter, it was speculated that Rey and her friends would visit the wreckage of the second Death Star, possibly on Endor, for reasons unknown. Clearly, that has now been confirmed, as Rey appears beside the extremely distinctive window through which Palpatien gazed to observe the destruction of the Rebel Fleet.

13. A Team Up?

A Team Up?
For some reason, Rey and Kylo Ren seem to team up to defeat ... something. Something that shatters like rock. It's possible that this could be a moment in which they slay Palpatine, but ... he deserves a grander exit, if that is his fate.

14. Even More Ships

Even More Ships
The Resistance forces aren't the only ones with ships, as we see a sizable First Order armada that appears to be parked in low orbit within the atmosphere of a planet. Notably, not all of the ships in this shot are on the same side. Could it be that Kylo tries to trap Rey on Endor but she has to break through a blockade to escape? It's anyone's guess.

15. Here He Is!!

Here He Is!!
Sheev Palpatine, the best character in all of Star Wars and frankly in all of fiction, Darth Sidious himself, shows up in this brief moment in which he appears to speak to or possibly confront Rey. Given the height disparity we almost get the impression that he may be suspended from or otherwise attached to a machine at this moment, but that is pure speculation. Palpatine is a messy bish who lives for drama and we cannot wait to see this go down.

16. Well, There You Go!

Well, There You Go!
I'm clearly a huge Star Wars nerd. Am I still nervous about a lot of things, from romance arcs to a send-off to a nine-film story to the possibility of seeing Palpatine die a SECOND time on screen? Of course. But I'm excited.

17. Behold the Trailer Itself

Let that inspirational musical score and those beloved voices lift you up where you belong. This film will be here before you know it.

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