Sahar Tabar: Teenager Undergoes Scary Makeover to Look Like Angelina Jolie

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You've perhaps read about Human Barbie on our website in the past, as a woman has shelled out an insane amount of money to resemble the famous plastic doll.

Now, it's time to meet Angelina Jolie.

And we know what you're thinking: isn't Angelina Jolie already human?

Of course she is. (We think.)

But Sahar Tabar is a 19-year old Iranian who has undergone over 50 procedures in order to look as much like her celebrity idol as possible.

In response, Internet users are concerned. Find out why below...

1. "She Looks Like a Zombie"

"She Looks Like a Zombie"
This is what some Instagram users are saying in response to Tabar's photos. It's not hard to understand why.

2. But Tabar is Committed

But Tabar is Committed
She has lost over 60 pounds and gone under the knife over 50 times, simply because she wants people to think she looks like Jolie. Do you think she's been successful?

3. Is There an End in Sight to Her Surgeries?

Is There an End in Sight to Her Surgeries?
It doesn't sound that way. Tabar has said she'll "do anything" to look like Jolie. That much, sadly, seems clear.

4. But She Has a Major Internet Presence

But She Has a Major Internet Presence
Over 356,000 followers on Instagram, some of whom applaud her, but many of whom criticize her.

5. For Example:

For Example:
Yvonne_rolandson asks: "But why would anyone do this to themself?" The answer likely has a lot to do with a severe lack of self-esteem.

6. Is She for Real?

Is She for Real?
Some folks out there think this isa hoax, that the 19-year old is using prosthetics and make-up to achieve this unique look.

7. What Happened to Her Lips?

What Happened to Her Lips?
They cite her lips and nose as example, believing these body parts don't just look different... but actually move around in various photos.

8. What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?
Even if this is the case, it still says a lot about Tabar's self-confidence and her need to be discussed online.

9. This One Isn't THAT Crazy

This One Isn't THAT Crazy
It was snapped in early November 2017. And it does make one think that other photos featured here at least involve some make-up.

10. Is That You, Angelina?

Is That You, Angelina?
We're just kidding. It's very clearly not.

11. Instagram Users Have Been Harsh...and Funny

Instagram Users Have Been Harsh...and Funny
Here's a sample comments that fits both of those classifications: "Her: Doc make me look like an 8 month old corpse. Doc: Say no more."

12. A Few More Samples:

A Few More Samples:
You don't need a translation to see that some folks here are telling her to eat and saying she should star in a horror movie.

13. There's Only One Angelina Jolie

There's Only One Angelina Jolie
And there's only one Sahar Tabar. We wish she were happy and comfortable with that fact.

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