Jed Wyatt Trashes Ex-Girlfriend, Really is Such a Jerk Face

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You know how Jed Wyatt came across like a total lying, rude douche canoe during his run on The Bachelorette?

Well... it turns out that he's an even bigger lying, rude douche canoe than we previously believed.

It's true!

The 25-year old singer spoke at length during the August 2 episode of Ali Fedotowsky and Rachel Lindsay’s “Bachelor Happy Hour," discussing all that transpired this season between him, Hannah Brown and his pesky ex-girlfriend, Haley Stevens.

Why has our opinion of Wyatt plummeted to even lower depths now than it was at before?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Ready for a Quick Refresher?

Ready for a Quick Refresher?
Here we go: Wyatt was the final man standing for Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette Season 15. He proposed to her on the finale and she accepted.


... Brown then came across some articles and Internet posts that alleged Wyatt had left a woman behind when he left for Los Angeles and The Bachelorette. These reports claimed that Wyatt told this woman, Haley Stevens, that he loved her and was only going on the show to further his music career.

3. How Did Hannah React?

How Did Hannah React?
She ended their engagement after just two days after Jed admitted that the articles were basically true. He did date Haley, he did sleep with her, he did tell her he loved her and he didn't even formally end their relationship?

4. What? He Didn't?!?

What? He Didn't?!?
Nope. He admitted on air that he just assuemed Haley would get the message about the romance being over once she saw him on The Bachelorette.

5. Does He At Least Feel Bad About It?

Does He At Least Feel Bad About It?
We guess so. "The main thing is just how sorry I am. I really have had time to think about the things that have happened and how Hannah has felt. I'm very remorseful and ultimately just want to become a better person because of all of this."

6. What Has He Now Said About Haley?

What Has He Now Said About Haley?
"If you really do love someone, no matter how promising they've made it seem, if they're going on a dating show, regardless of why they're going on a dating show, why would you stay with them?" Wyatt actually said on Bachelor Happy Hour, basically trashing Haley for being an idiot and adding: "If I was in a relationship, I would not have gone onto a dating show. That's just me. I'm not a cheater."

7. Hey, I Sort of Cheated on Haley, Too!

Hey, I Sort of Cheated on Haley, Too!
"With my time with Haley, I did hang out with other people," he confessed. "I did date other people. I slept with other people. We were not in an exclusive relationship."

8. What Else Did He Say on This Podcast?

What Else Did He Say on This Podcast?
That his family’s concerns during his hometown date did NOT stem from his relationship with Stevens. “I talked to them after. I was like, ‘Be honest with me. Was any of this because of that situation?’” he explained. “And it just wasn’t

9. Has Jed Spoken to Haley?

Has Jed Spoken to Haley?
Yes. They bumped into each other after his Bachelorette filming was complete. "She walked right up to me and she was like, ‘You weren’t gonna call? You weren’t gonna, like, say anything?’” he recalled on the podcast. “I just told her that I didn’t feel like this was the time or place to have this conversation.” After running the idea by Hannah, he claimed he tried to reach out to Stevens, but she never returned his call.

10. Why Did Jed Text Haley That He'd Meet Her on "The Dock" After The Bachelorette Was Over?

Why Did Jed Text Haley That He'd Meet Her on "The Dock" After The Bachelorette Was Over?
“The dock is a metaphorical thing for meditation that I taught her. … To go to this dock in her mind and to, like, sit there and be at peace,” he said on the podcast.

11. What Was Up with ALL That Music?

What Was Up with ALL That Music?
Jed says he “never would have dreamed” that he would be permitted to play his guitar as much as he did on the program. He alleged that producers encouraged him to do so and Hannah enjoyed it. “She liked when I played and wanted me to play,” he told the cohosts.

12. Why Has He Been Trashing Hannah?

Why Has He Been Trashing Hannah?
Wyatt says he hasn't been. The reality star claimed he did not realize he Liked negative remarks about his ex-fiancée on Instagram after the finale aired. “The comment rolled into my notifications, I tapped it,” he said. “Wherever I tapped it, it liked it.”

13. About the Windmill Sex with Peter?

About the Windmill Sex with Peter?
Jed admitted he thought it “weird” for Brown to be so forthcoming about sleeping with Weber in the fantasy suite. “She’s not wrong for doing it … but it does sting,” he admitted.

14. Eff You, Nick!

Eff You, Nick!
The ABC also went after former Bachelor Nick Viall, who Tweeted about Wyatt’s scandal throughout the season. “Get to know me before you talk s--t,” he said, prior to suggesting that the 38-year-old Bachelor in Paradise alum “thrives off” staying relevant.

15. Wishing Hannah the Best

Wishing Hannah the Best
"I am not angry at all [at Brown]," he said. "I think more than anything, I'm just really sad. I know she's sad and hurt, too. I know that she now has her closure and will move on and that's great."

16. Good Luck, Ty!

Good Luck, Ty!
"Tyler is an amazing guy, I don't fault her for saying what she did, or asking him," Wyatt concluded on Bachelor Happy Hour, saying of Hannah: "I think she's an amazing woman."

17. My Facts are My Facts!

My Facts are My Facts!
Jed said Haley was unaware that he was sleeping with other people -- and that they had never had a conversation about their relationship "saying this was this." He added: "She's rightfully hurt and I see that, I understand that. But the facts are the facts. There was conversation and clarity on my path.

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