Ryan Edwards: Gun Obsession, History of Erratic Behavior Exposed

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If you've been following the latest news surrounding Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards, you know things are not going well for Maci Bookout's troubled ex.

It all started last week, when Ryan got arrested for a probation violation.

From there, he fell onto a disastrous downward spiral that culminated in Maci filing for an order of protection to prevent Ryan from having any contact with her or her family.

Her filing revealed that Edwards had threatened to kill her husband, Taylor McKinney, and now we know that's not the only time he's displayed truly troubling behavior in recent years...

1. A Troubled Man

A Troubled Man
Ryan's year-long descent into chaos began when he fell victim to heroin addiction last year. Teen Mom OG fans watched in horror as the father of one repeatedly gambled with his life.

2. The First Rock Bottom

The First Rock Bottom
Ryan lost consciousness while driving to the church for his wedding to Mackenzie Standifer. He checked into rehab shortly thereafter, and for a while, it looked as though his life was on the upswing.

3. Bad Omens

Bad Omens
Unfortunately, Ryan left rehab ahead of schedule. He then demonstrated that he was still grappling with many of his old demons when he launched a bizarre social media tirade against Maci.

4. A Second Chance

A Second Chance
Ryan and Mackenzie held a second wedding to make up for their disastrous first attempt. Fans were stunned to see Ryan drinking beer and downing shots prior to the ceremony.

5. A Secret Arrest

A Secret Arrest
Ryan and Mackenzie did a surprisingly good job of pretending that all was well, but little did we know, their lives were unraveling behind the scenes. In April of 2017, Ryan was arrested for heroin possession, but the couple managed to keep the matter a secret - both from fans and from Maci.

6. The Past Bites Back

The Past Bites Back
That arrest came back to haunt Ryan this week when he was arrested again, this time for an undisclosed probation violation. Now, his worst nightmares are coming true, as his life falls apart in front of all the world.

7. Mackenzie's Shame

Mackenzie's Shame
Just one day after the arrest, the world learned that Ryan had been usng the dating app Tinder to try and cheat on his pregnant wife. Following that revelation, Standifer seems to have found it more difficult to defend Edwards. And things only got worse from there...

8. Legal Action

Legal Action
Maci wasted no time protecting her family after learning of Ryan's latest brush with the law. She promptly filed a restraining order which prevents Ryan from having any contact with her, her husband, and her kids (including Bentley, her son with Edwards) until he goes to trial in May.

9. A Bullet In the Head

A Bullet In the Head
It didn't take long for a judge to grant the order, as Maci and Taylor recounted a shocking history of violent threats from Ryan, including one in which he threatened to "put a bullet in [McKinney's] head."

10. No Surprise?

No Surprise?
Some fans were shocked by Ryan's alleged threats. But to others who were aware of his long history of violent behavior, it was really no surprise.

11. Ryan and His Guns

Ryan and His Guns
Back in 2016, Edwards shocked fans when he revealed that he was in the habit of shooting stray cats with pellet guns.

12. Cat Killer

Cat Killer
"Use to be the cat hang out but I been putting them down with the ol’ air rifle #quick@quiet and #deadcats," Ryan tweeted at the time.

13. The Investigation

The Investigation
Local authorities investigated Edwards' boasts, but eventually decided that they were unable to prosecute due to the fact that the cats had been mostly feral.

14. "One For Each Pocket"

"One For Each Pocket"
But Ryan didn't stop boasting about his gun fetish. Shortly after the investigation concluded, he posted this pic, along with a caption reading, "One for each pocket."

15. Weapons On Display

Weapons On Display
Edwards also posted this pic to his Instagram page. Many interpreted it as a veiled threat to his ex and her husband.

16. Aiming For the Head

Aiming For the Head
And who could forget this ominously un-captioned pic? It my have come off as fairly innocent, were it not for Ryan's recent threats.

17. So What Comes Next?

So What Comes Next?
For obvious reasons, Edwards has a wealth of legal headaches coming his way. His best move would be to take pre-emptive action by checking back into rehab.

18. Mackenzie's Last Stand

Mackenzie's Last Stand
In addition to his legal troubles and ongoing custody battle with Maci, Ryan has to worry about where he stands with Mackenzie, who's no doubt feeling quite fed up at this point. Sadly, she's probably not sholcied by his behavior...

19. Not the First Time

Not the First Time
The Tinder incident marks the second time Ryan was caught trying to cheat on Mackenzie, meaning that, justlike all of his other behavior, it wasn't an isolated incident, but part of a very disturbing trend/

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