Ryan Edwards: CAUGHT Drinking Post-Rehab!

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Here we go again.

As you may have heard, Ryan Edwards left rehab last month after completing 90 days of in-patient treatment.

Ryan had checked into a treatment center on one prior occasion, and he relapsed within days of returning home.

There was reason to believe this time would be different -- but now, it looks as though Ryan is not taking his recovery as seriously as he needs to.

Take a look:


1. Dark Times

Dark Times
It's been less than two weeks Ryan left rehab after undergoing 90 days of treatment for an addiction to heroin.

2. Off the Wagon

Off the Wagon
Now, it looks as though Ryan is no longer sober.

3. Back At It

Back At It
A fan posted this photo of Ryan and Mackenzie at a restaurant in North Carolina.

4. The Accusation

The Accusation
The person who took the photo says Ryan was definitely drinking alcohol during dinner.

5. What's the Problem?

What's the Problem?
Ryan was not being treated for an alcohol addiction, but rehab counselors generally advise addicts to steer clear of all intoxicating substances.

6. A Repeating Pattern

A Repeating Pattern
The last time Ryan left treatment, he was spotted drinking alcohol shortly thereafter.

7. A Bad Argument

A Bad Argument
At the time, he argued that because alcohol was not his drug of choice, it was okay for him to drink.

8. A Dark Path

A Dark Path
Shortly thereafter, however, Ryan was using heroin again. And the situation got very ugly in a hurry.

9. Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom
Ryan was arrested twice after he left treatment the first time, once for possession, and once for failing a court-ordered drug test.

10. A New Low

A New Low
At one point, Edwards spent a week in jail as a result of his crimes.

11. Taking Mercy

Taking Mercy
Fortunately, the judge in his case didn't throw the book at Ryan, and he was allowed to seek treatment, rather than being locked up.

12. 90 Days

90 Days
Despite previous reports that he had left treatment ahead of schedule, Ryan remained in rehab for the full 90 days this time.

13. A Serious Toll

A Serious Toll
Edwards missed the birth of his son while in rehab.

14. Not the Only One Who's Suffered

Not the Only One Who's Suffered
His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, described this period as the "longest 90 days of [her] f--king life."

15. A Little Effort

A Little Effort
We think after all that, it wouldn't be too much to ask for Ryan to steer clear of the booze for a little while.

16. More of the Same

More of the Same
Even if he didn't have a history of relapsing, experts would encourage him to refrain from any sort of substance abuse and focus on his family and his recovery right now.

17. A Victim of Pride

A Victim of Pride
One of the most common complaints of those who know Ryan well is that he never accepts advice and always thinks he knows what's best.

18. A Couple Harmless Drinks?

A Couple Harmless Drinks?
Sadly, for Ryan, at this point there's no such thing. Addiction is addiction, and addicts frequently replace one drug with another.

19. Hoping For the Best

Hoping For the Best
We hope Ryan will be able to get back on the path to recovery. And we hope those closest to the reality star will strongly encourage him to do so.

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