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During his decade as one of the main stars of Jersey Shore, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has put his infamous temper on display many, many times.

Unfortunately, his most shameful displays appear to have taken place off camera, and they’ve repeatedly landed Magro in trouble with the law.

Last week, we reported that the 35-year-old Magro was arrested in Los Angeles on domestic violence charges.

And this is not the first time that he’s been accused of assaulting a woman with whom he was in a romantic relationship.

Now, through screenshots of Magro’s text messages and new accusations about his behavior, a disturbing picture is emerging.

It appears that we’re dealing with a monumentally troubled individual who is unable to control his rage, and who has the habit of unleashing his fury on the most vulnerable people in his life.

We’re certainly relieved to report that his ex Jen Harley rescued their daughter from him shortly after this occurred.

If Ron’s alleged behavior toward Harley and her current lover is any indication, we’re scared for anyone in his inner circle.

Seriously, the guy is telling us a lot about himself. Instead of just laying low, or defending himself, he’s … going off on Jen and Joe, who were not even involved in whatever the heck happened.

Like we said, it says a lot. Take a look: