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Rick Perry, Texas Governor, has been through some peaks and valleys in his time in the spotlight. Here's a look at some of his top moments.

1. Rick Perry Stumbles in Debate

Rick Perry's campaign for president is probably done for after this almost comically bad performance in last night's debate. OOPS.

2. Rick Perry 'Strong' Ad

Rick Perry's new campaign ad basically implies that President Obama hates Christmas. Good to know.

3. Rick Perry Loves Tim Tebow!

Rick Perry says he hopes he can be the Tim Tebow of the Iowa Caucuses. We don't even know what that means, but good luck with it, Rick.

4. Rick Perry Drunk Speech

Rick Perry looks full-on wasted in this campaign speech in New Hampshire. Seriously, the highlights are worth watching.

5. Gov. Rick Perry

Gov. Rick Perry

6. Rick Perry Picture

Rick Perry Picture
This is Texas Gov. Rick Perry. He is running for U.S. President.

8. Rick Perry Speech

Rick Perry Speech

9. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney Argue at GOP Debate

Rick Perry and Mitt Romney argue at the GOP Debate in Las Vegas October 18, 2011.

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