17 Ways to Sneak Your Drink in Someplace

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Check out 17 ways to sneak your drink into just about anywhere. Never go thirsty again.

1. Bible Flask

Bible Flask
Because nobody questions the person carrying around a Bible. Unless, of course, you start slurring your scriptures.

2. Beernoculars

Sitting in the nosebleeds? People will totally believe you need binoculars. And let's face it, the drink sellers don't go up that high anyway.

3. Pom Pom Flask

Pom Pom Flask

4. Belt Buckle Flask

Belt Buckle Flask
The belt buckle flask might be more practical than sneaky, but to an untrained eye? Yeah, this just looks like an oversized belt buckle compensating for...something.

5. Booze Belly

Booze Belly
FINALLY! The booze belly we WANT to have!

6. Camera Flask

Camera Flask

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