Real Housewives Spinoff to Combine Stars from Multiple Cities on Tropical Vacation! Who Will Star?!

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Real Housewives All-Stars? Real Housewives in Paradise? Real Housewives Happily Ever After?

Whatever you want to call it, it's reportedly happening.

A site called theJasmineBRAND is reporting that Bravo is creating a limited series spinoff of its immensely popular Real Housewives franchise.

Rather than being set in any particular city, this spinoff will have Housewives from multiple cities.

Per the report, these select familiar faces will go on a trip and stay in a home (read: mansion) at an unknown tropical location.

This spinoff will apparently air on Peacock, NBC's streaming platform.

The franchise consists of Housewives from Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Dallas, New Jersey, New York City, Orange County, Potomac, and Salt Lake City.

There are also former Housewives -- including those from Miami -- to consider.

Eight to ten Housewives will be selected, according to the report, but for now, we can only speculate about who these ladies may be.

So let's do just that, below:

1. Maybe Gina Kirschenheiter?

Maybe Gina Kirschenheiter?
Gina totally blew away viewers on Season 15 of RHOC, having a heartwrenching storyline of her own combined with a no-nonsense approach to her castmates' drama and her reactions to real-world events. She was a highlight of the show during one of its darkest hours (ratings-wise), and fans are eager to see more of her and how she might get along with other Housewives.

2. Maybe Kyle Richards?

Maybe Kyle Richards?
Kyle is an iconic member of the series, something that even her detractors among RHOBH viewers would agree. It would make total sense to pair her up with other powerhouse Housewives (powerhousewives?) to see how they work toe-to-toe together in 2021.

3. Maybe Kandi Burruss?

Maybe Kandi Burruss?
Kandi is an extremely successful Housewife, even when compared with many of her RHOA castmates. She is well liked, she is gorgeous, and it would be a joy to see her in a new context (so long as she never leave RHOA, please!)

4. Maybe Luann de Lesseps?

Maybe Luann de Lesseps?
The erstwhile Countess is nothing short of legendary, to the point where people who've never watched RHONY in their lives tend to know of her. It would be a trip to watch her on, well, this particular trip.

5. Maybe Dr. Tiffany Moon?

Maybe Dr. Tiffany Moon?
Dr. Tiffany Moon is a highlight of The Real Housewives of Dallas, earning praise fair and wide on social media -- and to be specific, especially on Gay Twitter. She should be a shoe-in for such a trip.

6. Maybe Karen Huger?

Maybe Karen Huger?
This Real Housewife of Potomac is massively successful and a fan-favorite from the series. In fact, putting her on this could draw more viewers who might initially tune in to see their faves from Beverly Hills, New York, and Atlanta.

7. Maybe Emily Simpson?

Maybe Emily Simpson?
As of this report's release, it's unclear who is staying and going on RHOC in the long-term, but fans say that even if Emily is cut for a possible lack of storyline, they'd love to see her on the show as a Friend. Emily is a little more "normal" than a lot of Housewives, which is why it would be a dream to watch her play off of some of the Big Personalities that could potentially reside under one tropical roof.

8. Maybe Garcelle Beauvais?

Maybe Garcelle Beauvais?
It's unlikely that Garcelle and Kyle would both take part in something like this, but since we're speculating, Garcelle is well-liked and has nuanced takes on the antics of her fellow RHOBH cast members. She and Kyle clashed on screen, but it would be a joy to watch her take part in an adventure where she's not being constantly ignored by the resident queen bee.

9. Maybe Porsha Williams?

Maybe Porsha Williams?
Porsha Williams isn't just one of the most gorgeous Real Housewives on RHOA or elsewhere, she's also a good person, putting her personal safety on the line to protest for things that truly matter. Porsha's voice is powerful and much-needed, and it would make a world of sense for her to show up on this and any other spinoff.

10. Maybe Bethenny Frankel?

Maybe Bethenny Frankel?
Okay, so Bethenny isn't a CURRENT star of RHONY, but she's a staple of the series so we're going to treat her and a few others as if they've never left their posts. Bethenny would be a shoe-in, even if her powerful force of will is likely to run into any number of obstacles on a spinoff like this.

11. Maybe Melissa Gorga?

Maybe Melissa Gorga?
Melissa is a RHONJ mainstay, but she's also drop-dead gorgeous. So much of her on-screen drama is interwoven by her relationship with sister-in-law Teresa Guidice. What would it be like to see her on something like this? Would she be a fish out of water, or would this be her time to shine?

12. Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne
Erika is recognizable from headlines, her music career, and from memes -- she has always been more than "just" a Housewife and she always will be. Plus, it'd be interesting to hear her explain her current real-life drama to people who don't know her or Tom.

13. Maybe Jen Shah?

Maybe Jen Shah?
You KNEW we weren't going to make this list without including at least one member of RHOSL. Jen made quite the impression with fans, and she didn't even have to marry any members of her own family to do it! Please, I'd love to see her with other Housewives.

14. Maybe Lisa Vanderpump?

Maybe Lisa Vanderpump?
I am once again asking for you to allow me to dream. Remember, Lisa is off of RHOBH, but it's not like she's no longer part of the Bravo family. It's hard to imagine a more iconic Real Housewife, and we'd love to see her on something like this ... if she'd even agree to do it.

15. Maybe Tamra Judge?

Maybe Tamra Judge?
This RHOC veteran did leave the show in 2020, but there were immediately reports that Bravo already planned on having her back some time in the future. Whether or not that manifests, this spinoff would be a great place for ex-Housewives to remind everyone of why they're so unforgettable.

16. Maybe Kim Richards?

Maybe Kim Richards?
Kim has been through the wringer in life and that has taken its toll, but she is part of RHOBH's most iconic moments, she's friends with Brandi Glanville, she's sisters with Kyle, and she deserves a seat at any Real Housewives table. This sounds perfect for her, if she feels up to filming.

17. Maybe Leah McSweeney?

Maybe Leah McSweeney?
Leah was a breath of fresh air on RHONY. Ramona may have felt threatened by her, but Leah was such a joy -- entertaining, wild, yet simultaneously smart and no-nonsense. That's a rare combo and we can never see too much of Leah.

18. Maybe Shannon Beador?

Maybe Shannon Beador?
This divorced mother of three isn't everyone's favorite, but that suits her just fine. She's a familiar face on RHOC and we KNOW that she has real entertainment value on these Housewives trips.

19. Maybe Lisa Rinna?

Maybe Lisa Rinna?
One of the most recognizable Housewives outside of the Bravo world, Lisa Rinna doesn't need RHOBH to be entertaining, and she can make friends or have beef with anyone -- sometimes, with the same person.

20. Maybe Teresa Giudice?

Maybe Teresa Giudice?
Teresa might have enough on her plate right now on RHONJ, and a lot of her schedule is spent making sure that her daughters have time with their father after he was deported, but ... surely we don't have to explain why this hot-tempered table-flipper could make for good TV.

21. Maybe Joanna Krupa?

Maybe Joanna Krupa?
Okay, this one's a bit of a reach, but this gorgeous RHOM alum would be a welcome sight. And no, not just because she's hot.

22. Maybe Brandi Glanville?

Maybe Brandi Glanville?
You look at this woman and try to tell me that she's not a maelstrom of drama wherever she goes. That's not a criticism -- I like Brandi and I'd love to see more of her. Friends with Kim Richards, allegedly former lovers with Denise Richards, and previously the respondent in a lawsuit from Joanna Krupa ... over the olfactory qualities of the latter's genitals. Yeah, Brandi would fit in just about anywhere.

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