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Real Housewives All-Stars? Real Housewives in Paradise? Real Housewives Happily Ever After?

Whatever you want to call it, it’s reportedly happening.

A site called theJasmineBRAND is reporting that Bravo is creating a limited series spinoff of its immensely popular Real Housewives franchise.

Rather than being set in any particular city, this spinoff will have Housewives from multiple cities.

Per the report, these select familiar faces will go on a trip and stay in a home (read: mansion) at an unknown tropical location.

This spinoff will apparently air on Peacock, NBC’s streaming platform.

The franchise consists of Housewives from Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Dallas, New Jersey, New York City, Orange County, Potomac, and Salt Lake City.

There are also former Housewives — including those from Miami — to consider.

Eight to ten Housewives will be selected, according to the report, but for now, we can only speculate about who these ladies may be.

So let’s do just that, below: