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Give PETA credit for one thing:

It isn’t making any attempts at this point to be subtle.

After having random D-List celebrities pose naked on behalf of its pro-animal campaigns over the years, the organization has now gone full on X-Rated.

And it appears to be proud of it.

First, there was the ad that said Vegans last longer in bed than meat-eaters.

But that commercial was practically tame compared to the one featured below.

It says, very simply, that eating chicken will make your baby’s penis small.

How come? Because a substance known as "phthalates" is sometimes found in chicken feed and studies show that it can have this effect on an unborn child’s male genitalia.

PETA fails to mention, however, that phthalates can also be found in water and in air.

So unless pregnant women refrain from drinking and breathing and eating chicken, their baby’s penis size could be in danger no matter what.

“Our new ad is simply trying to help people who are concerned about the development of their unborn child,” says Ben Williamson, PETA’s Senior International Media Director.

“It’s a humorous video with a serious message."

We guess.

But if you’re a mother-to-be and you are seriously considered about the size of your future son’s penis… well… that’s really weird.