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90 Day Fiance Season 9, Episode 14’s punny title, “Temperature Check,” belied the ep’s drama.

After week’s of pressure from a bewildered Patrick, Thais told her dad about their wedding plans.

Patrick has no one to blame but himself for the results. Thais had hoped to spare him from this.

Ariela and Biniyam are preparing for the wedding, but are still unsure if things will last.

Shaeeda sought the advice of her own attorney about Bilal’s prenup. He wouldn’t advise her to sign it as is.

Kobe betrays Emily’s trust by telling Temperature about their pregnancy, but that’s not all that Temperature discusses.

Jibri’s parents have news for him and Miona, but Jibri does not take it well.

Finally, Yvette and Mohamed patch things up … just in time for him to attend a spiritual ceremony with her friends.