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90 Day Fiance Season 9, Episode 13 showed the couples as their wedding days loom.

Yvette and Mohamed have plenty of time, but an increasingly impatient Mohamed leaves Yve in tears.

Shaeeda is still balking at the prenup. Bilal prints it out for her to read … and it’s worse than she thought.

No one’s favorite couple, Emily and Kobe, has their own bad news: Emily thinks that she’s pregnant.

Miona has a conversation with Jibri’s mom about a new wedding “compromise.” The two women have very different ideas about how the talk went.

Kara and Guillermo have upgraded their wedding plans for one sweet reason, but Kara’s controlling habits are rearing their ugly head again.

Finally, Patrick and Thais are clashing over wedding plans as he keeps doing it all without her. Ultimately, he admits, it comes down to her not telling her dad.