#Fatkini Photos

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These #Fatkini photos are exactly what the hashtag implies. Women of all shapes and sizes are using it for empowerment.

1. #FatKini Foursome

#FatKini Foursome
As part of the new #Fatkini hashtag campaign, four women pose for an Instagram photo, curvy and proud as can be. See more examples of those who are following their lead.

2. Double Fatkini Action

Double Fatkini Action

3. Fatkini on Instagram

Fatkini on Instagram

4. In Black and White

In Black and White

5. At the Beach

At the Beach

6. Fat-kini Photo

Fat-kini Photo

7. #FatKini Modeling

#FatKini Modeling

8. Empowerment


9. Curvy and Proud

Curvy and Proud

10. Instagram Modeling

Instagram Modeling

11. Fatkini Front & Back

Fatkini Front & Back

12. #FatKini Photograph

#FatKini Photograph

13. Inspired By Fatkini

Inspired By Fatkini

14. Fat-Kini on Instagram

Fat-Kini on Instagram

15. A Fatkini Pose

A Fatkini Pose

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