Nicole Nafziger: I Wanna Go Home But I'm STUCK in Morocco!

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Despite some truly absurd rumors to the contrary, Nicole Nafziger is still in Morocco.

After her two-week vacation to visit Azan turned into a five-month extended stay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not all fans took it well.

Some of her "fans" resorted to vicious mom-shaming.

Now, Nicole is making solid plans to return to the US before a looming deadline.

There is just one problem -- Morocco's strict COVID-19 regulations may prevent her from leaving.

Is she stuck? Take a look:

1. You can check out any time you like ...

You can check out any time you like ...
Nicole's planned trip to Morocco to be with the love of her life turned into an unplanned extended stay. Now that her time in Morocco is coming to an end, though, Nicole is discovering that leaving is not as easy as she had imagined.

2. Nicole was so excited to go

Nicole was so excited to go
She not only saved up her money for the two-week trip, she converted a bunch of cash so that she'd be able to really enjoy herself.

3. Reunited at last!

Reunited at last!
After that Grenada trip was canceled at the last minute, Nicole was heartbroken and so were fans. Fortunately, they were able to see each other anyway.

4. Nicole had days to enjoy herself

Nicole had days to enjoy herself
She had been looking forward to Moroccan tajine, a dish of meat, fruit, and veggies, and was sure to show it off to her followers. (That looks so good!)

5. And don't forget the tea!

And don't forget the tea!
We're talking about literal tea this time -- Moroccan tea, one of Nicole's favorite treats.

6. But most of all

But most of all
Nicole was happy to spend some time with her fiance, the man she loves despite an ocean keeping them apart most of the time.

7. Then, COVID-19 changed everything

Then, COVID-19 changed everything
Sure, Nicole's flight hadn't exactly been overbooked when she flew out, but she was in Morocco when the pandemic declaration was made. But she never expected for all flights to be abruptly grounded, without warning.

8. "But she had other options!!!"

"But she had other options!!!"
Did she? As Nicole herself pointed out, repatriation flights are an expensive option. She saved up for ages for this two-week trip. A single mom on a Starbucks salary is not going to be eager to incur a $1,500 debt -- as you can see in this screenshot from Forbes -- knowing that she won't be able to safely work for months.

9. The good news ...

The good news ...
Her 6-year-old daughter, May, has spent this whole time with Robbalee, whom Nicole has profusely thanked for taking care of her precious girl. Robbalee has spoken about how she treasures this time with May.

10. Besides ...

Besides ...
Nicole and May speak regularly, just as Nicole spoke to Azan when THEY were separated by an entire ocean.

11. But the mom-shamers are relentless

But the mom-shamers are relentless
One of them was none other than fellow 90 Day Fiance alum Laura Jallali, whom many fans believe to be an untrustworthy disaster at best and a compulsive liar at worst. Laura, who is despised by her ex-husband and who repaid Evelin's invitation to visit her in Ecuador by sabotaging her friendships, told off Nicole, echoing the same mom-shaming rudeness that thousands of commenters had hurled at her.

12. Nicole didn't stand for it

Nicole didn't stand for it
She clapped back at Laura ... but there was one part of her late July response that really stood out.

13. Computer, enhance!

Computer, enhance!
Nicole, for the first time, dropped her first hint of a timeframe for her return, writing "soon."

14. And not a moment too soon

And not a moment too soon
Morocco had let things slide with their foreign visitors in light of the pandemic. However, in July, the government announced that anyone without the right paperwork needed to depart or they risked being subject to arrest. August 10 was only weeks away.

15. Nicole said her goodbyes

Nicole said her goodbyes
It is hard to say goodbye, even when you have had nearly five months together. Sometimes, that's even harder than it would be after two short weeks.

16. Somehow, that still wasn't enough for some people

Somehow, that still wasn't enough for some people
Now that Nicole was gearing up to return to the US, people -- who have been spreading wild, evidence-less rumors about their relationship this whole time -- suddenly began to decree that "actually," Nicole had never even visited Morocco, and had faked the whole thing. Some people just have worms in their brains.

17. Nicole could PROVE that she was in Morocco

Nicole could PROVE that she was in Morocco
She shared her location data, but really, humoring these clowns is not going to change anything. If the conspiracy theory is not rooted in reality, then showing people reality is not going to wake them up.

18. But now ...

But now ...
During the first week of August, Nicole -- as shown here in a screenshot shared by the ever-vigilant 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates -- reached out for advice from other Americans who are currently stuck in Morocco and are on Facebook. She wants to know how to reach Casablanca to make her flight home but, as of Monday, August 3 (when she posted this), is still very much in Morocco and unsure of how to reach the airport.

19. Oh dear

Oh dear
We're sure that she and Azan had a lot of fun during their time together, but now Nicole wants to come home -- and she needs to figure out what kind of documentation is required to get to the city where her flight will leave. And seeing that flights on August 3 and August 4 were canceled only increased her concerns about her own flight.

20. We wish her well

We wish her well
Nicole may have to spend time in self-isolation before it's safe to see May and Robbalee after taking a flight. She will also be returning to a hotzone for the pandemic, where federal and Florida state governmental policies have allowed the virus to run wild. We hope that she and her loved ones will be reunited as soon as it is safe and remain safe.

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