Teen Mom Mugshot Mania: Every Single Arrest ... Ever!

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Obviously, there are plenty of good, upstanding citizens who happen to have become mothers when they were young.

Similarly, there are even Teen Mom cast members who are terrific moms and stellar human individuals in general.

See Houska, Chelsea.

But unfortunately, the same life circumstances that cause some teens to become moms also change their lives.

In many ways, not all of them good. Maybe that is why so many Teen Mom stars have mile-long rap sheets.

This goes for the mothers, the baby daddies, and even the (grand)parents of the MTV personalities we love.

Buckle up, because looking at these criminal histories is a ride ... and we're not only talking about Jenelle.

1. Jo Rivera

Jo Rivera
Isaac's dad was arrested in 2011 for marijuana possession. Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry's brand of products is called Pothead. Times have changed in the last 8 years, huh?

2. Devoin Austin

Devoin Austin
Nova's dad, Briana DeJesus' ex, has had multiple arrests, almost all of them are for or related to marijuana.

3. Some of Devoin's arrests are for other things

Some of Devoin's arrests are for other things
One was for breaking and entering, another was for possession of a controlled substance.

4. But mostly just for marijuana.

But mostly just for marijuana.
A lot of his arrests are from 2013, but this mugshot comes from 2017. Pot doesn't usually ruin lives, but arrests over it absolutely can.

5. Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood
Amber was arrested in 2010 on multiple counts of domestic violence towards her ex, Gary Shirley.

6. She took a plea deal

She took a plea deal
Amber got probation, which was a win for her ... but it did not last.

7. Amber violated her probation

Amber violated her probation
She was caught with pills, spent Christmas in jail, failed to adhere to her court-ordered rehab program, and ended up spending some time in prison.

8. Gary Shirley

Gary Shirley
He was arrested in 2011 for driving with a suspended license. All told, not as bad as what his baby mama Amber Portwood was arrested for, but it's not something that anyone should aspire to do.

9. Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards
In 2018, Maci Bookout's ex Ryan was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance. That substance was heroin.

10. Also in 2018 ...

Also in 2018 ...
Ryan was arrested for violating his probation -- the probation for the heroin thing. He was released on $5,000 the same night as his arrest.

11. Debra Danielsen

Debra Danielsen
In 2010, Farrah Abraham's mom was arrested for domestic violence after allegedly attacking her daughter. Farrah said that Debra "hit her along the side of her head and hit her in the mouth." Ultimately, charges were dropped.

12. Butch Baltierra

Butch Baltierra
That's right, it's Tyler Baltierra's dad. In 2008, he was arrested on a litany of charges for breaking and entering and for home invasion.

13. And it got worse

And it got worse
In 2011, Butch was arrested for domestic battery. Tyler received a call from his mother informing him that he had been violent with her, and she characterized her injuries as looking like she'd "been run over by a truck." Horrifying.

14. Honorable mention: Adam Lind

Honorable mention: Adam Lind
For many reasons, Adam has had no shortage of arrests for meth and for violence. Even as an ex, this guy makes Chelsea Houska's life complicated ad she considers what is best for Aubrey.

15. But why no mugshot?

But why no mugshot?
He's an honorable mention in this gallery because South Dakota does not make mugshots public.

16. Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle has been arrested 15 times, which is, and we don't know if she knows this, but 15 times more than most people have. Given her choices in boyfriends, she may genuinely think that most people have lengthy arrest records.

17. Cyberstalking in March 2012

Cyberstalking in March 2012
We'll admit it, this one stands out, simply because it's not one of the all-too-common charges faced by Teen Mom stars.

18. Heroin possession

Heroin possession
Jenelle has, to her credit, been very open about her heroin arrest and her past struggles with addiction

19. Possession of paraphernalia

Possession of paraphernalia
Drugs are illegal, and so are many of the tools and equipment used to take drugs

20. Simple assault in April 2013

Simple assault in April 2013
Domestic violence is domestic violence, and Jenelle was arrested for simple assault on her then-husband, Courtland Rogers

21. Driving without a license

Driving without a license
Jenelle had seemed to stay out of trouble for a hot minute, but then she was arrested for driving without a license in 2015. Don't do that, folks.

22. Jenelle's criminal history started in her teens

Jenelle's criminal history started in her teens
In early 2011, Jenelle was only 19 when she was charged with two misdemeanors, assault and affray, for her role in a fight. Yes, there was video, and it went viral. Yikes. She later violated her parole. Double yikes.

23. Kieffer Delp

Kieffer Delp
In 2018, Kieffer was arrested for running a meth lab. It turns out that those are illegal. Who knew? He pleaded guilty, but he's not the only one of Jenelle's exes to get into serious trouble with the law.

24. Nathan Griffith

Nathan Griffith
In 2014, he was arrested for driving with a suspended license, resisting arrest, driving on the wrong side of the road and giving a false name and address to officers.

25. Nathan has been arrested nine times

Nathan has been arrested nine times
He was arrested again as recently as 2018 for hitting highway fixtures while driving.

26. On a more serious note

On a more serious note
In 2016, Nathan was arrested for assault and burglary against another ex of his. He fits right in with Jenelle's other exes and baby daddies.

27. Courtland Rogers

Courtland Rogers
Courtland has been listed as a "habitual felon" for a while now. He has often been arrested for possession of drugs and parole violations, but also for violence.

28. Courtland was arrested in late August, 2018

Courtland was arrested in late August, 2018
This time, his arrest was for a "brutal" assault on his wife. We like to poke fun at a lot of Teen Mom stars, but this is as serious as it gets. We're glad that he's out of Jenelle's life. We just wish that we could say the same for her current husband. ...

29. David Eason

David Eason
Even before Teen Mom fans saw for themselves how scary Jenelle Evans' husband is, he had a lengthy criminal history to make them worry.

30. Breaking and enterting

Breaking and enterting
David was arrested in 2012 for breaking and entering, for deliberate damage to property, for falsely obtaining money for fake services, for drug paraphernalia, and for driving while impaired.

31. Maybe he just loves being arrested

Maybe he just loves being arrested
He has multiple arrests for driving while impaired. Scarier than all of that was, of course, his domestic violence order for allegedly abusing his (previous) baby mama. Jenelle Evans loudly dismissed those claims. Nothing that Teen Mom fans have seen of this dude since then have calmed anyone's nerves.

32. Honorable Mention: Farrah Abraham

Honorable Mention: Farrah Abraham
Farrah has been arrested twice -- the second time in 2018 after an alleged brawl at a Bevery Hills hotel. But actual, official mugshots of her aren't available. We'll just have to use our imaginations.

33. Amber Portwood Mugshot (2019)

Amber Portwood Mugshot (2019)
Amber Portwood was arrested on a charge of domestic violence in July 2019. This is her mugshot.

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