Megyn Kelly Debuts on Today, Gets Destroyed on Twitter

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Megyn Kelly has left Fox News for NBC.

This move took place at the outset of 2017, but it was truly made official when she debuted as the host of an hour of The Today Show on September 25.

"The truth is, I'm kind of done with politics for now," she said to open her new gig. "You know why, right? We all feel it, it's everywhere. And it's just gotten so dark."

Well, yeah. But it's also sort of important.

And you can't just snap your fingers and go from Serious Conservative Commentator on Fox News to Jovial and Innocuous Morning Personality on NBC.

But Kelly is trying. And this is how Twitter responded to those efforts after her first show...

1. In a Word?

In a Word?

2. Old Megyn Kelly, Meet Old Taylor Swift

Old Megyn Kelly, Meet Old Taylor Swift
You're both dead.

3. This Show Needs a Name Change

This Show Needs a Name Change
Just come out and be honest, NBC.

4. Warm and Fuzzy?

Warm and Fuzzy?
How about Transparent and Lame?

5. So, Uhhh, That Happened

So, Uhhh, That Happened
Let's just try to smile through it.

6. Goodbye, Fear!

Goodbye, Fear!
Hello, Hope!

7. Oh, Hi, CBS This Morning!

Oh, Hi, CBS This Morning!
I'd like to get to know you.

8. Pssst, Megyn...

Pssst, Megyn...
... EFF YOU!

9. Is Santa Still White?!?

Is Santa Still White?!?
We need an answer, MK.

10. Sorry, Satan

Sorry, Satan
I just can't today.

11. Come On, Morning TV!

Come On, Morning TV!
Can you stop sucking please?!?

12. I Don't Even Like Megyn Kelly

I Don't Even Like Megyn Kelly
But make this stop. It hurts.

13. Forgive My Language:

Forgive My Language:
But this wasn't prudent!

14. Let's Not Mince Words

Let's Not Mince Words
Especially not these two words.

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