Meghan and Jim Edmonds: It's Over! Amid Rumors He Cheated with the Nanny!

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It's all over for Meghan King Edmonds and Jim Edmonds.

Based on what we've been hearing about the Real Housewives of Orange County alum and this former Major League Baseball outfielder, this news doesn't come as a shock.

But the circumstances around the divorce filing?

The proverbial straw that seemingly broke the union's back?

Safe to say this is a tad stunning.

Where did the marriage go wrong? What are folks saying about Jim and his penis?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Let's Start with Some Basics

Let's Start with Some Basics
The couple got married in October of 2014. They share 2-year-old daughter Aspen and 16-month-old twin boys, Hayes and Hart.

2. Has the Relationship Always Been Smooth?

Has the Relationship Always Been Smooth?
Heck no. Just this past June, Meghan and Jim both commented on the rumor that the latter had been cheating on his wife with a baseball groupie had started sleeping with years ago... and then rekindled his fling with in the spring of 2019.

3. What Made This Allegation So Damning?

What Made This Allegation So Damning?
Jim allegedly stepped out on Meghan when she was pregnant with their twins... and the woman with whom he was sleeping -- someone named Jenn -- even says Jim sent her A VIDEO OF HIMSELF MASTURBATING ON THE DAY MEGHAN GAVE BIRTH.

4. And Jim Has Admitted to It!

And Jim Has Admitted to It!
Kind of. He hasn't admitted to being unfaithful, but he did respond to this June 2019 accusation as follows: “Regrettably, I had a lapse in judgment. I engaged in an inappropriate conversation with this person. At no time was there any type of relationship or physical contact. Absolutely none. This is someone trying to profit from my name. I am aware she has done this to others in the past."

5. And Then He Concluded:

And Then He Concluded:
"Clearly, I made a very poor decision to expose myself and my family to this type of person. For this, I am truly sorry and sought forgiveness from my wife."

6. Did Meghan Comment on This Rumor?

Did Meghan Comment on This Rumor?
Oh yes. She had a TON to say. "I called Jimmy and he confessed to me that he had exchanged lewd photos with this woman over the course of several months and a physical relationship never existed," she said this summer, adding: "He paid her off to protect me so I'd never find out."

7. Meghan Has Always Had Her Doubts

Meghan Has Always Had Her Doubts
"Do I believe him? I don't know. Because I don't trust him anymore. Physical or not, he still had an affair and he admits this to me," Edmonds added back then.

8. Down with Jim!

Down with Jim!
Meghan added at the time: "I refuse to be humiliated by this. Marriage is hard, we've been through our ups and downs, I've talked about it openly. A relationship takes two but it doesn't take two to cheat."

9. And Yet... She Refused to Give Up Hope

And Yet... She Refused to Give Up Hope
"It's not fair," Edmonds added this summer. "I sob so much my face stings from the salt from my tears. I am exhausted. My poor kids aren't getting their devoted mother... Ultimately, I have hope our marriage can recover."

10. Alas, It Has Not Recovered

Alas, It Has Not Recovered
Quite the opposite. Us Weekly now confirms that Jim filed for divorce on Friday, October 25... the day after the estranged couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. The source added that the pair got into an argument and the police were called.

11. Yikes! Why?!?

Yikes! Why?!?
“Meghan and Jim have been fighting,” this insider told Us. “The latest fight began when he went to a recent hockey game and she began interrogating him about who he went with.

12. The Bombshell EXPLODES

The Bombshell EXPLODES
As a follow-up to its original story, Us Weekly now writes that Jim was having an affair with the nanny prior to the divorce filing.

13. Holy Awfulness!

Holy Awfulness!
“The nanny is someone who has worked for them for years and is like family,” one source told this tabloid, noting that the Edmonds family has four nannies and a live-in au pair. “During the argument, Meghan called the cops, but nothing came of it. Jim didn’t put his hands on her. The police chalked it up to a verbal dispute. No arrests were made.”

14. Poor Meghan

Poor Meghan
Just two days before Jim filed for divorce, Meghan told Bravo’s The Daily Dish that the duo were “working” on their relationship every day.

15. This is What She Said:

This is What She Said:
“I think after such a breach of trust, it’s so hard to rebuild from there, especially [with] so many distractions, like our son’s health problems and two other little babies as well. So, to focus on the two of us as a couple, is really hard.”

16. Just Terrible News All Around

Just Terrible News All Around
In July, Edmonds revealed that her son has "irreversible brain damage," explaining: "Hart has minor Periventricular Leukomalacia on both sides of his brain (namely the white matter), but more so on his right... he is at risk for being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy."

17. What Will Happen Now?

What Will Happen Now?
We have no update on whether a prenuptial agreement was in place or whether Jim is asking for custody of any of the kids.

18. This is the End of This Family

This is the End of This Family
Jim is a father of seven, was previously married twice before he and Meghan tied the knot. This union marked the second divorce for the Bravo alum, who left the network in 2017.

19. We Wish Everyone Well

We Wish Everyone Well
Well, maybe not Jim. He seems to suck. But with so many young kids involved, we just want to see things handled as amicably and as maturely as possible going forward.

20. UPDATE: The Nanny Speaks Out!

UPDATE: The Nanny Speaks Out!
Her name is reportedly Carly Wilson and she was asked about this rumor on Instagram and she wrote: “The allegations are completely false."

21. Edmonds Also Speaks Out

Edmonds Also Speaks Out
The former baseball player shared a cryptic quote on his Instagram Story after this story went viral, as you can see above: “No one can throw a bigger tantrum than a narcissist whose [sic] losing control of someone else’s mind."

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