Mackenzie McKee on Mom's Death: I'll Never Get Over It!

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Back in December of 2019, Mackenzie McKee's mom died following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Mackenzie was candid with fans throughout the process, but on Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom OG, she opened up about her best friend's passing like never before.

McKee's storyline revolved entirely around her mother's death, resulting in one of the most emotional episodes in the show's history.

She may be gone, but Angie Douthit's continued spiritual presence was very much on the minds of Mackenzie and her loved ones during the episode.

And we learned a great deal about what made her such an important and beloved figure.

Take a look:

1. Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter
Mackenzie McKee's mom passed away on this week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

2. Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love
The episode was an enlightening one, illustrating just how much Mackenzie cared for her departed mother.

3. Painful Candor

Painful Candor
Throughout the show, Mackenzie spoke candidly about her love for her dear, departed mom.

4. Angie Forever

Angie Forever
“Life is tough and I don’t want you to go through cancer,” Angie told Mackenzie, knowing that her mother's diagnosis was terminal.

5. Accepting Her Fate

Accepting Her Fate
“But when it gets handed to you, you gotta do the best you can and become what you were always supposed to be," she continued.

6. A Final Task

A Final Task
Angie confided to Mackenzie that her biggest goal before her passing was to pay off her mortgage, so as not to leave her husband saddled with debt.

7. A Word About Finances

A Word About Finances
Many viewers might be under the impression that Mackenzie would be able to pay off the house herself with her Teen Mom earnings.

8. Reality Check

Reality Check
Sadly, Mackenzie only recently returned to the spotlight, so she's not earning nearly as much as the other girls.

9. Daughterly Love

Daughterly Love
Nevertheless, she was determined to launch a fundraiser to pay off her mother's house before Angie passed away.

10. One Last Victory

One Last Victory
Remarkably, despite her severely limited time frame, Mackenzie was able to do exactly that.

11. A Poignent Present

A Poignent Present
Before Angie passed away, Mackenzie was able to inform her mother that the house was entirely paid off.

12. A Difficult Task

A Difficult Task
Sadly, Mackenzie was then left to break the news of Angie's passing to her son Gannon.

13. Grieving Again

Grieving Again
One of the many challenges of starring in a reality TV show is that you're forced to relive the worst moments of your life several months after they occurred.

14. Reliving the Trauma

Reliving the Trauma
And so, five months after her mother's passing, Mackenzie was forced to endure those same emotions a second time.

15. Muddling Through

Muddling Through
Speaking with Too Fab, she offered an update on how she's holding up.

16. Devastation

"I didn't just lose my mom. I lost my friend, I lost my glue, I lost my counselor," the mother of three tells the site.

17. A Lost Mentor

A Lost Mentor
"Any problem I've ever had my entire life, I called her," Mackenzie continues. "And it was her, it was no one else, and so now that I've lost that I feel so lost. But, I'm having to be more independent and having to be more strong."

18. The Worst Hard Time

The Worst Hard Time
Asked how she's coping, Mackenzie reveals it's a mixed bag. "Some days I feel so paralyzed and weak, and nights are really hard to get through," she says. "Some days I'm okay and some days I'm just...not at all."

19. Hope For the Future

Hope For the Future
"But, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm really thankful for the years I did get with such an amazing person," she adds.

20. A New Tradition

A New Tradition
Mackenzie and her family have been carrying on Angie's tradition by posting "daily inspirational posts," a practice Douthit started toward the end of her life.

21. The Legacy

The Legacy
"She was in the hospital, she was sick, she couldn't talk, and she was like, 'can someone help me make this post, I want this verse, and I wanna talk about this,'" McKee says of the project's origin.

22. Keeping Her Memory Alive

Keeping Her Memory Alive
"My day is Monday...It's about carrying on her legacy," Mackenzie says of her involvement in the project.

23. Remembering Angie

Remembering Angie
"Those posts and her inspiring the world was so unbelievably important to her. Because she just wanted to change as many lives before she died. That's all she wanted to do," McKee says. "I have no clue how long it’s gonna last, but we know that this is exactly what she would want to do."

24. Honoring a Matriarch

Honoring a Matriarch
And Mackenzie's plans to honor her mother don't end there. "I promised her I would make a documentary on her life, and I am working on that," she says.

25. The Bright Side

The Bright Side
"It is crazy that this all happened right after she died because if [it] was happening now, we wouldn't have been able to go to the hospital, we wouldn't have been able to have a funeral," Mackenzie says of the current pandemic. "We are so thankful for that."

26. Gone, But Not Forgotten

Gone, But Not Forgotten
Clearly, Angie is still very much missed every day. We wish her loved ones all the best as they continue to honor her legacy.

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