Matt Roloff vs. Amy Roloff: Family Feud on the Farm!

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Little People, Big World has been a hit on TLC for years.

And one major reason why is the love members of the Roloff family have for each other.

Episodes rarely focus on drama or in-fighting, not when everyone involved simply gets along so very well.

But Radar Online reports this wasn't the case over the weekend, despite the Roloffs celebrating the opening of pumpkin picking season on their farm in Oregon.

Scroll down for the details behind an alleged feud between Amy and Matt...

1. First, Some Background

First, Some Background
The Roloff family farm is a legitimate tourist destination. Its most popular time of the year is... right now! Locals from around the state come to find their perfect pumpkin, as the patch opened for business just this past weekend.

2. Some Other Background:

Some Other Background:
Matt and Amy Roloff met at a Little People of America convention in 1987, got engaged quickly and then got married on September 12, 1987. They have four kids.

3. A Surprising Split

A Surprising Split
In March of 2014, the couple announced that they had separated. And on June 5, 2015 Matt and Amy announced they would be divorcing.

4. Going Their Separate Ways... Sort Of

Going Their Separate Ways... Sort Of
Amy and Matt continue to work together and co-parent and, of course, star on Little People, Big World. But each has a new significant other; this is a photo of Amy and long-time boyfriend Chris Marek.

5. What About Matt?

What About Matt?
He's dating Caryn Chandler, who he met because she was serving as manager for Roloff Farm. And this relationship is from where the latest tension arises.

6. Let's Pick Some Pumpkins!

Let's Pick Some Pumpkins!
On October 7, Matt and Amy celebrated the opening of pumpkin season on their 110-acre farm in Helvetia, Oregon. Caryn was there, too.

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