Mackenzie McKee Threatens to Kill Self Amidst Relentless Online Bullying

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Mackenzie McKee may not be one of the household names of the Teen Mom franchise, but she still has quite a following on social media.

And like the rest of her former colleagues, she sometimes says the wrong thing, resulting in major backlash from that massive following.

Earlier this week, McKee shared what she thought was an amusing anecdote about a disastrous day of running errands with her three children.

Unfortunately for Mackenzie, her followers weren't terribly amused by accounts of her kids murdering small animals and defecating in public.

Mackenzie didn't take the criticism lightly and she responded in a way that left some fans deeply concerned.

Take a look:

1. Return of the Mack

Return of the Mack
You may have forgotten about Mackenzie, but the former Teen Mom 3 star is officially back to making headlines -- just probably not in the manner she had hoped.

2. Happy Family

Happy Family
Mackenzie had three kids with husband Josh McKee, and judging by her latest Facebook post, it seems it all gets to be bit much for her sometimes.

3. Bad Idea

Bad Idea
McKee shared a lengthy Facebook post in which she revealed that she basically allowed her kids to run wild while running errands -- and the results were predictably disastrous.

4. What Was She Thinking?

What Was She Thinking?
"Pet land: if that poor ferret died because Broncs and Gannon we're pulling at it from each end fighting over it. Sorry, however, they really are not worth $200 though," McKee wrote, much to the chagrin of both animal lovers and grammar enthusiasts.

5. Facepalm

Mackenzie also apologized to a young couple that had "noodles thrown in their hair" at a Japanese steakhouse.

6. Wait ... What?

Wait ... What?
Side note: Who in the hell takes toddlers to a Japanese steakhouse?

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