Mackenzie McKee: Mother Stops Cancer Treatment, Enters Hospice

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If you've been keeping up with the story of Mackenzie McKee's mother, Angie Douthit, then, well, you know it's not a very good story.

It's really just a great big tragedy.

Angie has been battling cancer -- at first it was in her brain and her lungs, but it seems like it's spread pretty much everywhere.

And judging from this new update, it seems like her battle is almost over ...

Grab your tissues, friends, because this is a rough one.

1. So Sad

So Sad
At the beginning of 2018, Angie went to her doctor because she thought had bronchitis, and she ended up being diagnosed with stage four brain cancer -- horrifying, right?

2. Wow

She had multiple masses on her brain, and several in her lungs as well. It was definitely a shocking diagnosis.

3. Poor Mackenzie

Poor Mackenzie
Mackenzie and Angie have definitely had their issues over the years, but Mackenzie has been standing by her mother since then, through everything.

4. The Journey

The Journey
And a whole, whole lot has happened with Angie since her original diagnosis.

5. Another Blow

Another Blow
A few months after the bad news, Mackenzie revealed that the cancer had spread to her mother's bones, and just a few weeks after that, Angie was diagnosed with another type of lung cancer.

6. Heartbreaking

She was able to stop doing IV chemo last September, which was wonderful, but then in May, she made the unfortunate announcement that her cancer had "gone wild."

7. Unimaginable

She said that a recent scan had shown new tumors in her brain and in her liver, and that the old tumors had been growing -- it was then that her doctor apparently told her that she only had six months to live, and that that "would be really, really pushing it."

8. The Good News

The Good News
She's exceeded her doctor's expectations -- it's been seven months now since she made that statement.

9. The Bad News

The Bad News
But it looks like things have taken a turn for her now.

10. Oh No

Oh No
She usually posts daily updates on Instagram, and yesterday she shared this photo. In her caption, she wrote that "Today was an interesting day. I woke up to get ready for work but I couldn’t really walk and I found myself throwing up."

11. Scary

"So I took a bath, layed back down, and called my boss to tell them I’d be late," she continued. "The next thing I know I’m waking up trying to find my phone. I called my Dr who said to get to ER quickly. I called Brad to come and get me, since I couldn’t walk and I saw 2 or 3 of everything."

12. Poor Angie

Poor Angie
"But it’s ok. God already knew it was going to happen and He already knew that I was going to desperately need Him today. I’ve had to close my eyes all day because everything was double and wavy. By keeping my eyes closed I spent the day praying and listening."

13. More Bad News

More Bad News
That was yesterday's update, and it was pretty bad, right? But today's is even worse.

14. How Awful

How Awful
"Today was a little rough," she begin today's post. "Scans showed results that were not good. The cancer has grown in the liver and in the brain. There is also some hemorrhaging in the brain."

15. Done with Treatment

Done with Treatment
"I will have two more doses of radiation and that will be the last treatment I will be given," she revealed.

16. Oh, Angie ...

Oh, Angie ...
She said that "I should be able to go home in the next few days," and that "we have decided to have hospice come in when I go home for some extra care."

17. Not Going Great

Not Going Great
As for how she's been feeling, she wrote "I haven’t been able to open my eyes all day and my head has been hurting badly. Kaylee," another daughter of hers, "has had to help me write this post."

18. Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith
"I’m not sure what to say... other than How God told me early in my diagnoses that He would heal me but I would have a long dark journey to take. I’m starting to think this is what He meant by long dark journey."

19. So Many Prayers

So Many Prayers
To her followers, she said "So please pray for me that I will be strong and be able to stop vomiting. Also please pray that I will be a mighty warrior for Christ. I love every one of you. I thank you so much for your prayers."

20. Devastating

So this obviously isn't good news -- Angie is bleeding in her brain and having trouble walking, and her doctors are stopping treatment and starting hospice care.

21. The Reality

The Reality
It's hard to say or even to think, but this could be the end of her battle.

22. Oh No, Mackenzie

Oh No, Mackenzie
Mackenzie shared this photo and simply captioned it "I love you so much."

23. Always Be Kind

Always Be Kind
She also showed off this tattoo -- Angie has made "Always Be Kind" into sort of her motto through all of this, and apparently this tattoo is in her handwriting.

24. Poor Everyone

Poor Everyone
Mack has also said that the family went ahead and celebrated Christmas early -- the sad implication being that perhaps Angie won't make it a few more weeks

25. Good Thoughts

Good Thoughts
We hope that Angie is comfortable now, and we're sure she'll be surrounded by her family in the coming days. Let's think nothing but good thoughts for them, OK?

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