Maci Bookout Struggles on Naked and Afraid, Receives Major Support From Fans

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Teen Mom OG fans spent several months anticipating Maci Bookout's appearance on Naked and Afraid.

And we think it's safe to say they didn't quite get what they were hoping for.

Maci's wilderness adventure was a short one, as the mother of three struggled mightily during her time in Nicaragua.

Some viewers stated that they had hoped to see more of Ms. Bookout, but most applauded her courage in taking on such a challenge.

And as a bonus, her happy-go-lucky partner definitely earned some new fans!

1. Maci Bookout: Both Naked and Afraid

Maci Bookout: Both Naked and Afraid
Maci spent the past week hyping her appearance on the show, and she was clearly excited to share the experience with fans.

2. TV's Toughest Show

TV's Toughest Show
No show on television tests the limits of human endurance quite like Naked and Afraid, and very few contestants last the full 21 days. So Maci certainly isn't alone in not completing the challenge.

3. Badass Attitude

In her intro video, Maci referred to herself as a badass, a word that's often used by TMOG fans when describing the tough-as-nails mother of three.

4. Firestarter

She described her preparations for the show, revealing that she spent a lot of time working on starting fires without the aid of matches or a lighter. At first, it seemed that all that hard work paid off.

5. Early Success

Early Success
Maci and her partner -- an ICU nurse named Justin -- managed to build a fire on their first day in the wilderness -- a rare accomplishment on Naked and Afraid.

6. No Match For Nicaragua

No Match For Nicaragua
Unfortunately, that would prove to be Maci's final triumph in the jungles of Nicaragua.

7. Foot Failure

Foot Failure
Complaining that the thorns and rough terrain had left her unable to walk, Maci was forced to tap out on the second day of the challenge.

8. No Regrets

No Regrets
Taking to Twitter as the show aired, Maci assured fans that she was proud of the effort she put in, and was forever changed by the experience of facing the ultimate physical and mental challenge.

9. Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned
If nothing else, Maci learned a valuable lesson about howler monkeys. The cantankerous buggers bellowed nonstop throughout the episode.

10. Shout Out to Justin

Shout Out to Justin
And of course, she gave major props to her supportive partner in adventure. Sadly, Justin was also forced to tap out after badly cutting himself with his machete.

11. Kind Words

Kind Words
Fans generally agreed that Justin was the pretty much the best partner anyone could ask for.

12. Taylor's Got Jokes

Taylor's Got Jokes
Maci's Teen Mom OG co-star, Tyler Baltierra, gave credit to her husband, Taylor McKinney, for finding humor in the situation.

13. A Bit Bummed...But Still Proud

A Bit Bummed...But Still Proud
Some fans confessed that they were sad they didn't get to see a bit more of Maci in the jungle, but they also stated that they were proud of her for accepting such a challenge.

14. Middle Finger Maci

Middle Finger Maci
Fans love Maci's toughness, but Naked and Afraid has forced some of the strongest and most courageous people on the planet to tap out. When your body says it's time to throw in the towel, it's time to throw in the towel.

15. Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate
Of course there were some fans who felt the need to trash Maci's performance. We assume these people are all battle-hardened survivalists. Just kidding, we know they're just haters.

16. Talking Trash

Talking Trash
As is always the case with this sort of thing, some folks seemed to be convinced they could do better. These people are almost certainly wrong.

17. Louder For the People In the Back

Louder For the People In the Back
Again, Naked and Afraid is in a class of its own. This is a show that's sent Marines and pro athletes packing. There's zero shame in tapping out.

18. Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real
Some fans know their limitations and realize that lasting even one night in such brutal conditions is impressive.

19. What Really Matters

What Really Matters
And of course, many viewers focused more on the "naked" part, and less on the "afraid." Sometimes, you've gotta put things in perspective.

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