Maci Bookout: Pregnant With FOURTH Child?!

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With all the drama surrounding her Teen Mom OG castmates, it's easy for Maci Bookout's more quiet and stable existence to get overlooked.

Most of the tabloid headlines surrounding Maci these days have to do with her ex, Ryan Edwards, and his battle with addiction.

And that's probably just fine by Ms. Bookout-McKinney, who's clearly found happiness in the quiet, domestic life.

But just because her indulgences are limited to the occasional Bud Light and her evenings are filled with baths and bedtime stories, that doesn't mean Maci's life is uneventful.

In fact, her social media are now convinced that the TMOG fan favorite has a major announcement on the horizon ...

1. Mother Maci

Mother Maci
Maci has two kids by husband Taylor McKinney and one from her previous relationship with Ryan Edwards. But it seems she has no intention of stopping there.

2. Plans to Expand

Plans to Expand
Maci has stated in the past that she's not done having children, and the most recent season of Teen Mom OG saw her discussing the matter of a fourth child with Taylor.

3. A Difficult Conversation

A Difficult Conversation
In fact, the discussion between Maci and Taylor made for one of the season's most poignant scenes, as it featured a surprising revelation from Maci.

4. A Painful Memory

A Painful Memory
During the conversation, Maci reminded Taylor (who had apparently forgotten?) that she recently suffered a miscarriage.

5. Perseverance

Maci made it clear that she didn't intend to let the trauma of her miscarriage prevent her from trying again. And now, fans think she and Taylor are well on their way to becoming a family of six.

6. Maci's Day Out

Maci Bookout celebrated Mother's Day by taking her Jeep - and her family - into the mountains. Some fans think Bookout inadvertently showed off a baby bump in the video she posted online.

7. Mountain Mom

Mountain Mom
"When Taylor asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's Day, I told him I wanted to be wild and free! Took the top off the jeep, strapped the babies in and went to the mountains," Bookout captioned the clip.

8. Wild and Free

Wild and Free
"Hoping that one day my children will appreciate being healthy, wild and free," she added.

9. Look Closely

Interestingly, Maci isn't in her own Mother's Day video very much. But the few seconds she appears on camera have ignited a debate among fans.

10. Bump or Shadow?

Bump or Shadow?
Is that a baby bump, or is it just the way Maci is posed? Tough to say, but some fans think they've got it all figured out.

11. Little Room For Nuance

As with the debates over "the Dress" or "Yanny vs. Laurel," you won't find much uncertainty among the combatants in Maci's comments section. Everyone is either convinced that she's pregnant or certain that it's much ado about nothing.

12. Buncha Doctors Out Here

Buncha Doctors Out Here
"You're pregnant I know it!" wrote one fan. "She’s definitely pregnant!!" commented another.

13. The Face of Maci

The Face of Maci
"You're pregnant!!" another concluded, while one discerning sleuth observed, "Maci, your face only looks full when you're PREGNANT! Are you???"

14. The Tell-Tale Sign

The Tell-Tale Sign
Many fans pointed out what might be the most compelling indication that Maci is pregnant - namely, the fact that her Mother's Day celebration in no way (that we know of) involved the consumption of Bud Light. Case closed!

15. Nothing New

Nothing New
We kid, of course. And it's worth noting that this is not the first time that fans have jumped to the conclusion that Maci is expecting a fourth child.

16. Bad Timing?

Maci is clearly eager to expand her family, but she might feel that now is not the ideal time.

17. Ryan Drama

Ryan Drama
Maci was recently granted an order of protection against her first baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, after he alleged threatened to murder Taylor.

18. Waiting For the Storm to Pass

Waiting For the Storm to Pass
So it's not hard to see how she might feel that the best thing she can do now is wait for things to settle down. But regardless of the timeline specifics, it seems one thing is abundantly clear ...

19. Maci WILL Have at Least One More

Maci WILL Have at Least One More
Maci and Taylor are in agreement that they're not done making babies. She might not be pregnant right now, as so many fans clearly hope, but you can be sure Maci will be welcoming another child at some point in the near future.

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