Lux Lowry: All the ADORABLE Photos of Kailyn's Third Baby So Far

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Not sure if you heard, but Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry recently became a mother for the third time on August 5.

It hasn't been an easy journey - but it has been a cute one.

From the moment she conceived the child in late 2016, Kail's life has been shrouded in mystery and under heavy scrutiny.

Her relationship with Chris Lopez, the baby's father, continues to puzzle observers (and possibly Lowry herself) to this day. 

Are they together? Are they not together? Are they fighting for custody? Is she really changing Lux's name to spite him?

It's quite unclear. But what's perfectly clear is this:

They made an adorable little man. Lux Russell Lowry is as precious as they come, as evidenced by the images she's shared.

No matter what you think of Kail, she's momming like a boss. Here are the sweetest moments of Lux's young life thus far ...

1. Her Three Sons

Her Three Sons
Kailyn Lowry shared this super adorable photo of her sons, Isaac and Lincoln, with their brand new baby brother not long after he got home from the hospital! Isaac, left, is her son with Jo Rivera; Lincoln, right, is from her marriage to Javi Marroquin. Pretty precious trio right here.

2. Family of Four

Family of Four
Kailyn shared another sweet photo of her three sons, Isaac, Lincoln, and the baby formerly known as Baby Lo, after the boys got to meet their little brother for the first time. If this doesn't make your heart melt, you might want to check yourself for a pulse and see that you in fact have a heart.

3. Baby Lux

Baby Lux
Baby Lux Russell Lowry is Kailyn's littlest little man. (Her other two little men are still pretty little ... stop growing up so fast you guys!) Look at L-squared here, showing off some adorable newborn swagger. We cannot.

4. Lux Lowry Smiles

Lux Lowry Smiles
Kail captioned this one, "I literally cannot." We literally cannot either! If there's ever been a cuter picture of a newborn, we challenge you to find it. And send it to us because it would probably make a good article.

5. The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack
Nothing like matching shirts when you have little kids ... especially ones with an inspirational message. “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and strength of the wolf is the pack,” Kailyn wrote as a caption to this one. With the addition of Lux, Kailyn's personal pack is complete - and ready to take on the world.

6. Kail and the Chaos

Kail and the Chaos
Behind the scenes of Lowry's Christmas card photo shoot. She writes, appropriately: "If this isn’t an accurate depiction of my life behind the scenes of my family’s Christmas cards I don’t know what is. #kailandthechaos" Chaos is the greatest thing in life, though, when it's THIS kind of chaos ...

7. Lux Gets Hyped

Lux Gets Hyped
Lux, you are so loved by your mom and brothers. It really shows in moments like this. Your family may not be the most conventional by some people's standards, but with the amount of love you get from Kailyn, Isaac and Linc, you are the luckiest little fella.

8. Mom of Boys

Mom of Boys
Baby Lux already thinks these two are the greatest. As he grows, so will that feeling. Such is the bond between brothers, and Kailyn has that to look forward to and draw strength from in the years to come.

9. An Introduction

An Introduction
Kailyn shared this image of Lux when he was still just "Baby Lo." Very early on in his life, he didn't have a name yet! "Lo" worked as a nice placeholder, especially given his parents' surnames (Lowry and Lopez).

10. And Now For the Public Introduction

And Now For the Public Introduction
This is life as a Teen Mom. Your life is always lived in front of a camera. Kailyn puts the hustle and heart into ... well, her book called Hustle & Heart. She's got a lot of love to share with her kids and with the world, and if she can make a living as a social media influencer and personality to boot, more power to her. #bossmom

11. Are They Twins Or ...

Are They Twins Or ...
When she posted this one, Kailyn shocked us along with the rest of her fans - we never thought we'd see this photo! It's a snapshot of Chris Lopez, the boyfriend fans have known so little about from the start, and whose absence from her life was often a point of contention, bonding with his baby in a precious snapshot.

12. Beautiful Family

Beautiful Family
Kailyn Lowry poses here with her three sons, not long after Lux's birth. This girl takes a lot of heat in the media for her life choices but it seems to just make her stronger. What an adorable, thriving young family, don't you think? And isn't that what's important here?

13. Nap Time

Nap Time
"Baby Lo" getting his ZZZ on in a moment Kailyn captured while he slept on her. (Note the tattoo.) These are the moments that pass us by so quickly, but we will always cherish as parents.

14. The Sweetest Moments

The Sweetest Moments
The sweetest things in life are the littlest ones, and the best things in life are free. Truer words have never been spoken and a photo like this serves as all the proof you need.

15. Out and About

Out and About
Lux Russell Lowry may never remember this moment in time, but the rest of us do, as it was one of his first outings with his mom and brothers that Kailyn documented. :)

16. Angel Baby Lo

Angel Baby Lo
Kailyn's third child was more than a month old at the time in which she posted this picture, and she still hadn't revealed his name to the public. In her caption, she wished "Baby Lo" a good morning. Any morning you wake up and seethis ...

17. Lincoln, Isaac and Baby Lo

Lincoln, Isaac and Baby Lo
Lincoln, Isaac and Lux, a.k.a. Baby Lo, Kailyn Lowry's three children, in a September 2017 pic. Looks like Lux is getting into the martial arts himself! Big brothers had better prepare themselves for a lifetime of being his idols.

18. Baby's First Trip to NYC!

Baby's First Trip to NYC!
Kailyn Lowry takes Baby Lo on his first trip to NYC! He seems to be enjoying it, or at least not having an utter meltdown, so we can chalk this one up as a success.

19. Lux Russell Lowry

Lux Russell Lowry
THIS WAS THE MOMENT when Kailyn Lowry finally revealed the name of her third child! Welcome to the world, Lux Russell Lowry! Some were surprised that he took her last name instead of his dad's (Lopez), but given the nature of their relationship, we can kinda see it.

20. Lux and Kailyn

Lux and Kailyn
Kailyn Lowry and her third child pose for a cute picture. She had just recently revealed that the boy is named Lux, so the fact that he already has a monogrammed blanket like that is straight baller.

21. Always Hustling

Always Hustling
Kailyn Lowry really is a beautiful young woman, and a businesswoman who is always thinking about her career Even so soon after giving birth, you can't refute either of those points!

22. Halloween FUN!

Halloween FUN!
Kailyn Lowry poses happily with her three sons on Halloween 2017. Fun Fact: Lux went as a newborn baby this year. (Just kidding, although we crack ourselves up a little.)

23. With the Whole Fam

With the Whole Fam
Little Lux was in the stroller and possibly napping during this photo, but it's still significant, as Kailyn Lowry used Halloween to show that she does coparenting the right way. Nice to see Jo and Javi both making an appearance with their sons!

24. Hashtag KidLife

Hashtag KidLife
Lux can't stop, won't stop ... being adorable!

25. A Disney Milestone

A Disney Milestone
Kailyn Lowry celebrated Lux's first trip to Disneyland with some cute snaps and a commemorative hat. One he will soon outgrow because kids grow up way too fast. Did we mention that?!

26. Mother-Son Bonding

Mother-Son Bonding
Kailyn Lowry took baby Lux to Disney. He was only two months old at the time of this visit, meaning he made his first trip in life a lot sooner than most of us!

27. Bone and Lux

Bone and Lux
The young man has a big fan club already. In this photo, Bone Estrada, Kailyn Lowry's best friend, pushes her newborn son in the stroller.

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