Little People, Big World: Meet The Cast!

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A reality series that's run, off and on, since 2006, Little People, Big World shows an American family.

Matt Roloff and his wife, Amy, met with success working in Silicon Valley, but moved to a farm in Portland, Oregon for a change of scenery and give their then-growing family a new lifestyle.

Matt and Amy have different forms of dwarfism. Their son, Zach Roloff, the only little person among their four adult children, is married to his long-term love, Tori. They are now new parents to a baby who is also a little person.

Zach's twin brother, Jeremy, is of average height and married to Audrey.

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1. Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff
Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff had to undergo 15 operations as a child for his diastrophic dysplasia. Even though he was very successful working in Silicon Valley, he decided to retire with Amy -- who was at the time both his wife and pregnant -- to Portland, to run a farm. Now, he and Amy are separated, and he balances co-parenting their four children with his work as an activist for little people.

2. Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff
Philanthropist Amy Roloff has achondroplasia and, unlike Matt, has had very few complications. She doesn't let her separation from Matt or her work as a philanthropist stop her from being a mother to her four children. The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation works to benefit at-risk youths and the disabled.

3. Audrey and Jeremy Roloff

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff
Jeremy Roloff is Zach's twin, but he is of average height -- and so, for that matter, is his wife Audrey. Together, they live in Bend, Oregon where he can pursue his passion for the outdoors and still be close enough to help manage the family farm. He and Audrey run a relationship blog about healthy, lasting marriage.

4. Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff

Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff
Although he's Jeremy's twin, Zach Roloff does have dwarfism -- he's the only one of the four Roloff children who isn't average height. He's a passionate soccer player, which has led to him also acting as a soccer coach. He and his wife, Tori, are anticipating the arrival of their first child.

5. Molly Roloff

Molly Roloff
Molly Jo was born in 1993, and her adult height is 5-foot-7. Seen here posing with her mother, Amy, with whom she shares a birthday.

6. Jacob Roloff

Jacob Roloff
Seen here with his girlfriend, 20-year-old Jacob Roloff is no longer on the show -- thanks to a contract dispute. Of average height, "Jake" dropped out of high school and moved away from home when he was 18.

7. Jackson Kyle Roloff

Jackson Kyle Roloff
Little baby Jackson was born May 12th, 2017, to Zach and Tori. He is also a little person. Zach says that his experiences growing up have prepared him to raise a little person.

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