Leslie Jones Rules the Emmys, Wants to Bang John Mayer

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Following a hack that revealed naked photos on her phone, Leslie Jones came out and assured fans that she is doing just fine, thanks.

She then went about proving that at the 2016 Emmy Awards.

Because it's clear no one had nearly as much fun at that ceremony as this Saturday Night Live cast member.

Jones documented her night backstage and at after-parties for her influx of Instagram and Twitter followers, snapping photos with various winners and stars and not being remotely why when it comes to a certain singer-songwriter.

She wants to have sex with him. Simple as that...

1. With Ray Donovan Himself!

With Ray Donovan Himself!
Leslie Jones thinks highly of Liev Schrieber. She described him as her "new crush" in the caption of this Emmy night photo.

2. With Tori Kelly

With Tori Kelly
Leslie Jones went backstage at the 2016 Emmy Awards and was all too happy to snap a photo with Tori Kelly.

3. Bowing Down

Bowing Down
"Omg I met the queen!!" Think Leslie Jones was psyched to meet Angela Basset?

4. The Man Who Saved the Juice!

The Man Who Saved the Juice!
Leslie Jones was so excited to meet Courteny B. Vance at the Emmys that she misspelled his name. "Cortney Vance!!" she wrote as a caption.

5. F-cking Crazy!

F-cking Crazy!
Captioned Leslie Jones of this picture, snapped on Emmy night: "Ok I seriously met everyone I watch in television it's fucking cray. Now y'all know how much I love GOT! Well..."

6. Breaker of Chains, Winner Over of Hearts

Breaker of Chains, Winner Over of Hearts
"Wait...QUEEN OF DRAGONS YALL!! And literally one of the nicest people I ever met. She didn't care I was geeking out," Jones wrote of this photo.

7. The Host with the Most... Jokes

The Host with the Most... Jokes
Jones was a big fan of the Emmys host in 2016, as she wrote in this caption: "JIMMY KILLED IT TONIGHT!! The Bill Cosby joke EPIC!"

8. With the Kings

With the Kings
Leslie Jones "hung with the funniest," she wrote as this caption to a photo with Ray Romano and Chris Rock.

9. Charo!

That's all Leslie Jones wrote as a caption to this photo. What else is there to say?

10. With Her Future Boyfriend?

With Her Future Boyfriend?
"He said he had s gonna write a song about me," Jones wrote as a caption to this pic, adding "I think he should have sex with me instead am I wrong?"

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