Leah Messer Shades Jeremy Calvert: Your New Chick's Not as Good as Me!

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Of all the ladies in the Teen Mom franchise, perhaps no one is more adept at side-stepping drama than Leah Messer.

While the other moms gnash their teeth and air their dirty laundry on Twitter, Leah mostly keeps her head down and focuses on herself and her three daughters.

But as she's reminded us lately, Ms. Messer is not one to shy away from conflict when it presents itself.

Last week, Leah clapped back at David Eason when he made a bizarrely inappropriate comment about her daughter's appearance.

And now, Leah's response to news that Jeremy Calvert is dating Desi Kibler has left many fans with the impression that she's developed a taste for throwing shade ...

1. A New Leah?

A New Leah?
Ms. Messer has made a point of avoiding unnecessary conflict throughout her years on Teen Mom 2. But now it seems Leah - possibly emboldened by her friendship with shade queen Kailyn Lowry - has turned over a new leaf.

2. Jeremy's New Boo

Jeremy's New Boo
Earlier this week, we learned that Jeremy Calvert is dating Desi Kibler. The couple went Instagram official with this roadtrip selfie.

3. Dredging Up the Past

Dredging Up the Past
Leah and Jeremy have been divorced since 2015, but they've maintained a close frendship that has occasionally veered into flirty territory, thus prompting rumors of a reconciliation.

4. Mixed Messages?

Mixed Messages?
Leah has maintained that she has no interest in getting back together with Jeremy, but some fans believe she's wavered in that conviction quite a few times over the years.

5. Friends With Benefits?

Friends With Benefits?
Sources tell Radar Online that as recently as February, Leah spoke openly about the fact that she and Calvert still hook up. “She says that they are just having fun and she’s got it all under control," one insider claims.

6. But Is It REALLY Under Control?

But Is It REALLY Under Control?
Leah reportedly maintains that she has no interest in reconciling with Calvert, but her latest tweets have left fans with the impression that she's more than a little jealous of his new relationship...

7. Subtle Shade?

Subtle Shade?
"I just don't understand why someone chooses to settle and be unhappy," Leah tweeted in the wake of Jeremy's big announcement.

8. Or Is It Coincidence?

Obviously, the tweet could refer to something else entirely, but not surprisingly, Teen Mom 2 fans favor the more dramatic explanation - namely, that Leah is pissed her ex has found happiness with someone new.

9. A Low Blow

"Maybe 'someone' doesn't want to be lonely, that's why they settle for unhappiness," one fan fired back at the currently-single Leah.

10. The Direct Approach

The Direct Approach
One follower decided to stop beating around the bush and flat-out accuse Leah of trash-talking her ex. "And yesterday I saw a picture of @jcalvert505 with a girlfriend," the fan tweeted.

11. A Shady Clarfication

A Shady Clarfication
"He can’t choose himself.. he’s gotta be in a relationship but that’s neither here nor there lol," Leah began, in a very "pot calling the kettle black" tweet.

12. Again With the Mixed Messages

Again With the Mixed Messages
"I’m not talking about him," Leah continued. "I’m talking about anyone choosing to settle or not living life to their fullest potential." In other words, "I wasn't talking about him before ... but I am now!"

13. Trolling Leah?

If Leah's intention was to get her fans all worked up, she definitely accomplished that mission. An argument ensued, with some followers defending Leah's right to comment on her ex's affairs, and others encouraging her to butt out.

14. The Debate Rages On

The Debate Rages On
As this fan points out, Leah may not have been referring to Jeremy in her original tweet, but her follow-up comment was definitely a shot at her ex.

15. A Rare Breed

A Rare Breed
Despite the fact that his relationship with Leah didn't work out, Jeremy has become something of a fan favorite in recent months.

16. A Real Job!

A Real Job!
For starters, pipeline mechanic Jeremy actually has a job outside of "part-time reality TV baby daddy." On top of that, he stads up for what he believes in.

17. Taking a Stand

When David Eason launched a homophobic tirade against TM2 fans on social media revcently, Jeremy was one of the first to demand that he be fired from the show.

18. Is It Any Wonder?

Is It Any Wonder?
So it's no surprise that Leah might want Jeremy back. Unfortunately for the mother of three, it looks as though that ship may have finally sailed...

19. Playing For Keeps

Playing For Keeps
Based on Kibler's latest tweets, it appears that she and Jeremy are already getting serious. "This has been going on longer than any of y’all know, kept it under wraps until we were ready," she tweeted this week. "Thank you to all the positive people congratulating us." She added a diamond ring emoji, along with the hashtag "#timetostartplanning"

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