Leah Messer: I'm Back With Jason Jordan and We're In Love!

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It's hard to keep track of everything that goes on in Leah Messer's love life.

At 26, Leah has been married twice, and she's had multiple serious relationships in the years since her second marriage came to an end.

It's a sad situation, as it seems that Leah wants nothing more than to meet the right guy and settle down.

Fortunately, it looks as though she may have finally found Mr. Right.

But it wouldn't be Leah if there weren't plenty of ups and downs still.

Take a look:

1. Back At It

Back At It
Leah and Jason first revealed that they were dating back in July.

2. Fun on the Fourth

Fun on the Fourth
Leah confirmed the relationship with a Fourth of July post in which she mentioned Jason and his daughter.

3. Moving Fast

Moving Fast
At the time, Leah hinted that she and Jason were serious. She even posted pics in which they were spending time with his family.

4. Maybe Too Fast?

Maybe Too Fast?
But by October, Leah and Jason had called it quits without explanation.

5. Major Letdown

Major Letdown
Fans were heartbroken by the split, as many had hoped Jason was the one for Leah.

6. The Return

The Return
Fortunately, it now looks as though Leah and Jason have reconciled.

7. Like a Hallmark Christmas Movie

Leah posted this video on Instagram this week, revealing not only her Christmas decorations, but also the fact that she and Jason are back together.

8. Back In the Picture

Back In the Picture
Obviously, fans assumed from the video that Leah and Jason are back together, but it was the caption that really sealed the deal.

9. The Finishing Touch

The Finishing Touch
“Putting his height to good use,” Leah captioned the video. “Love you, babe,” she added, tagging Jason's account.

10. Mutual Feeling

Mutual Feeling
“Tired of being used,” Jason joked in reply. “Or maybe I like it.”

11. Feel the Luuuuuuh

Feel the Luuuuuuh
“You LUUUUUUH it,” she responded. We never use you.”

12. It's Official

It's Official
We already knew that Leah and Jason had spent Thanksgiving together, but this is the first official confirmation that they're actually back together.

13. Spreading the Joy

Spreading the Joy
Naturally, fans were ecstatic over the news that Leah and Jason are back together.

14. Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer
“Beautiful tree,” wrote one commenter. “It is awesome seeing you and the girls so happy.”

15. Only the Best

Only the Best
“This is so cute… You deserve the absolute best!!!!” remarked another.

16. Tall People Unite

Some folks just related to Leah's fondness for having her lanky boyfriend perform household tasks.

17. Who Needs a Ladder?

Who Needs a Ladder?
“Hahaha, I thought I was the only one who did that,” wrote one fan.

18. A Sound Strategy

A Sound Strategy
“My boyfriend is 6’5″. I don’t strain I just yell for him," commented another.

19. About Time

About Time
Leah has been looking for love -- and fans have been rooting for her to find it -- ever since her marriage to Jeremy Calvert ended.

20. The Domestic Type

The Domestic Type
Throughout her time on Teen Mom 2, Leah has been quite clear about what she wants out of life.

21. Family Life

Leah wants a sound family unit and a happy household -- and Jason might be just what she's been looking for.

22. Past Failures

Past Failures
Leah attempted to build that kind of life with two previous marriages, both of which were short-lived.

23. A Hard Road

A Hard Road
Needless to say, Leah has had a rough go of it, but fans have never been more optimistic about her future.

24. Age Gap

Age Gap
They're excited about the fact that Jason is considerably older than Leah, as she seemed frustrated by her previous partners' lack of maturity.

25. What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds
Obviously, only time will tell what's in store for Leah and Jason. But for now, it's just nice to see her smile after so many years of shedding tears.

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