Leah Messer: Back with Jeremy Calvert AGAIN?!

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Leah Messer's love life has been quite the topic of discussion lately.

In circles that discuss Teen Mom gossip, anyway.

She recently broke up with Jason Jordan for the second time, and there's been lots of drama surrounding that.

But today, we're not talking about Jason.

We're talking about another one of Leah's exes.

Because it really, really looks like she's back with Jeremy Calvert.

1. True Love?

True Love?
Leah and Jeremy ... well, they have quite the sordid history.

2. The Beginning

The Beginning
They began dating in 2011, just a few months after she divorced Corey Simms, and less than a year after that, they got married.

3. The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Not too long after that, Leah got pregnant with her third child and Jeremy's first, Addie.

4. Troubled Times

Troubled Times
Of course, everything wasn't perfect. Leah had a hard time dealing with Jeremy's job, which requires him to travel most of the time, and Jeremy had a hard time dealing with lots of things about Leah.

5. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
One was the drug addiction she developed after a painful birthing experience with Addie -- she revealed in a recent interview that she got addicted to the painkillers and anti-anxiety meds she was prescribed then.

6. Double Uh Oh

Double Uh Oh
Then there were the affairs.

7. Dang, Corey

Dang, Corey
Leah has admitted that she slept with Corey in 2013, when she was married to Jeremy and just after he'd married his wife, Miranda.

8. Come On, Leah

Come On, Leah
A year later, Jeremy claimed that she cheated on him again, this time with high school boyfriend Robbie, the same guy she cheated on Corey with.

9. Fair

Shortly after that, he filed for divorce.

10. Good Move

Good Move
After that, Leah and Jeremy both found new significant others, and a while later she finally went to rehab for her drug problem.

11. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
But you know that the divorce wasn't the end.

12. Hey, Brooke!

Hey, Brooke!
Brooke Wehr was the woman Jeremy began dating after the divorce, and they were actually together for a while. They didn't break up until 2017.

13. Crazy Kids!

Crazy Kids!
And that was when we began to notice the pattern that if Leah and Jeremy both happened to be single at the same time, they'd probably be hooking up.

14. Interesting

After his split with Brooke, Jeremy and Leah started "hanging out" again. Leah shared some photos of them at a bar, including this one, with captions like "Good times" and "Just a little fun, that's all!"

15. Having Fun

Having Fun
For several months, they were much more friendly than usual, and finally Leah admitted on Kailyn Lowry's podcast that they were friends with benefits. Or, well, ex-spouses with benefits and also a child to coparent, but you get it.

16. Spilling the Details

Spilling the Details
She even talked about it on Teen Mom 2 -- she was filmed telling a friend that they'd hooked up, but that she definitely doesn't want to get romantic with him again.

17. A New Development

A New Development
But then last summer, Leah began dating Jason Jordan, and so obviously her fling with Jeremy came to an end.

18. Too Much, Guys, Too Much

Too Much, Guys, Too Much
Leah was with Jason for a few months, they broke up in October, but then got back together in December, just in time for Christmas.

19. Huh

You may have noticed that during her relationship with Jason, things were a bit more difficult between her and Jeremy -- on this season of Teen Mom 2, she definitely hasn't been too happy with him.

20. But Wait!

But Wait!
Except a few weeks ago, she broke up with Jason a second time. And you know what that means ...

21. Yep


22. The Clues

The Clues
Earlier this month, their daughter, Addie, got sick and needed to go to the hospital. Leah and Jeremy were able to tolerate each other enough to be there together for her, and yeah, that's just what parents should do, but also it was a little suspicious.

23. LOL

Then Leah made a funny on Twitter by referencing Jenelle's burning of Kailyn's PR package of hair care products -- you remember -- by tweeting to Jeremy that "Kail will send us some stuff for a fire."

24. Weird!

The implication being that they'd been talking about having a fire. Maybe they'd been planning a bonfire or a camping trip, but either way, they've clearly been making plans together.

25. Confirmation?

Her followers noticed, and one asked if she and Jeremy were back together.

26. Oh

She responded with a simple "Nope," and later when someone asked if Leah was single, she wrote "Leah is single lol."

27. Still ...

Still ...
And yet, the clues persist.

28. We See You!

We See You!
Just a couple of days ago, Leah shared this photo of Addie, and if you follow Jeremy on social media, you'll probably notice that this photo was definitely taken in his car.

29. What's Happenening?

What's Happenening?
And her followers had some questions for her.

30. Assumptions

"Jeremy and Leah are back," one of those followers assumed. "Dreams do come true!"

31. Good Question

Good Question
"But wait lol your riding around on jeremy's car again! Does that mean something?? Just wondering," another fan asked.

32. Hopeful

One comment read "Looks like y’all are riding with Jeremy! I sure hope so lol I’ve been hoping y’all would get back together for years."

33. Sorry, Jason

Sorry, Jason
One speculating fan said "I knew that's why the other one didnt work out because she wanted to be back with jeremey... hmm how long is this going to last??"

34. What's Real?

What's Real?
So many people asked her if this photo meant anything, and so many others were very open about how much they wished Leah and Jeremy really would get back together, for real this time.

35. No Comment

No Comment
As of now, Leah hasn't acknowledged any of those comments, probably because she already said on Twitter that she's single.

36. Heyyyyy

But just because you're single doesn't mean you're not hooking up with your ex-husband.

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